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Airline Tickets – 5 Ways To Get Them Cheaper

Airline Tickets – 5 Ways To Get Them Cheaper


Any amount of money saved on air travel could mean a good deal when you have a set budget for your vacation. If you’re trying to think of ways to save money on air travel, here are five ways to get tickets airfares for your next flight.

1. Buy a round-trip ticket

Possibly the easiest way to save and save more money is to buy a return ticket. Most airlines offer discounted prices for tickets round trip, compared with buying separate tickets. If you plan to return on a definite date, make sure to buy your tickets as early as possible to ensure your flight will be available.

In addition, there are some cases in which travelling during the week is cheaper than traveling on the weekends. Weekends are much busier than during the week and the demand for airline tickets is higher. Thus, the prices are higher on weekends and also on certain dates where demand is also high, as during a holiday season. If you think it is better  to travel on a weekday and return in a weekday, you can get tickets really cheap airline.

2. Using the Internet

The internet is great resource if you really want to find tickets airfares. While reading this article, you can open ” Promotional Airline Tickets” page and find the way to the ticket airfares. There you can search many different sites that offer really cheap plane tickets to anywhere in the world.

The prices of tickets on sites with discounted fares vary from day to day. In many instances, these sites offer discounted fares the same type of passages on the same day the same flight, with different prices. If you want to get really cheap airline ticket where you want to go, it is worth visiting at least 3 sites  and compare prices. Do not wait to book your flight as prices and availability change rapidly.

3. Minor Airlines

Major airlines offer great service for large customers. They have prices of tickets more expensive because of the amount of advertising and marketing must do to maintain your brand awareness. Try not to fly with them. Instead, look for smaller airlines that can provide good service, but at prices cheaper than major plane tickets.

4. Be flexible

If you’re not in a hurry and want to save money more, keep time travel options open. Consider arriving later or earlier, during the same day they arrive and depart on different days. Flights arriving and separating around midnight are generally more expensive than are those with connecting flights. Compare multiple travel date / time changes so you will find the promotional air tickets is right for your travel budget.

5. Plan to travel more

It is often cheaper to take a bus from one city to another, and then take the flight from there  to fly directly  to your final destination. If, for example, you are traveling from San Diego to Seattle. Try to take a bus from San Diego to …

Airline tickets to Travel From UK to all over world for Vacations

Airline tickets to Travel From UK to all over world for Vacations


What does vacation mean?

To some, it means a break. To some, it means it means a chance to rejoice. Whereas to some, it simply means to leave the world of stress and work for while and take a step towards their passion. Some fancy cooking, some love to stay home and play FIFA, whereas some are into adventure, and then there are those who just love travelling. Even when it comes to travelers, there are two kinds of people. Those who are into adventure, the stallions who are willing to embrace any danger coming way and those who prefer convenience over anything throughout their journey. These types of people are usually the ones traveling with families or those on a business tour.

When you’re looking for such a tour where your convenience means the most to you, we happen to believe that it would only be right and fair if one starts off with it. If you’re looking for a comfortable and less tiresome journey out of the country, then why don’t you start off with your planning? Your journey begins the very moment you make up your mind. That’s something no one should be able to find disagreeable.

If you’ve been reading us this far and you happen to agree with everything, then you must be aware that there are certain online traveling agencies that work with the sole purpose of making your journey delightful. One of such online agencies is your host at the moment. Travel Wide Flights has been offering their customers the convenience of not having to bother themselves with travel agency or airline office visits in order to get themselves some nice travel packages in the reasonable costs. Packages that include, tickets at nice and reasonable costs, your stay in nice cozy hotels, the lunch and dinner vouchers for those having indirect flights and much more.

That’s right. Travel Wide Flights is an online platform that has been offering people all around the globe an opportunity to get themselves the comfort they deserve, the comfort of not having to worry about their vacations at all. Astonishing packages are released for the customers not on monthly but weekly basis, Travel Wide Flight embraces the opportunity towards betterment of not just their own but the lives of their customers. Where standards are found upgraded on regular basis and in all forms. When speaking in parlance of the experience, the customers will find economy feel like business and business feel like royal, with jaw dropping low fares.

This online platform, running under the expertise and leadership of Mr. Jay Khan, firmly believes in the significance of Quality and Values and their going along. As a part of retail industry, we keep it our aim to create good terms of relationship with our clients, and when we say that, we don’t merely mean consumer supplier relationship. We aim to protect client interests and information at all costs. Our executive team claims that the best alternatives with changing competitive …

Le besoin de guides de voyage tout en voyageant vers de nouveaux endroits

Le besoin de guides de voyage tout en voyageant vers de nouveaux endroits

Voyager est un passe-temps pour beaucoup de gens qui aiment explorer de nouveaux endroits dans le monde. Cependant, si vous aimez voyager avec votre famille, il est important que la planification du voyage soit faite à l’avance afin qu’il n’y ait aucun problème. Afin de visiter un nouveau lieu, il est bon si l’aide de divers guides de voyage est prise. Ces guides viennent sous la forme de livres avec toutes sortes d’informations concernant un lieu particulier. Il est plus facile de trouver les bonnes informations que vous cherchez dans ces guides. De nos jours, les guides liés au voyage et au tourisme se retrouvent abondamment sur Internet. Il existe de nombreux sites Web qui fournissent des informations détaillées sur un lieu et d’autres choses liées à l’endroit.

Encore une fois, beaucoup de gens deviennent extrêmement confus quand il s’agit de choisir une destination de vacances. Il devient difficile pour eux de parvenir à une conclusion comme ce serait le meilleur endroit pour partir en vacances avec la famille. Dans de telles situations, un guide est très utile. Il existe différents types de guides qui répertorient de nombreuses destinations de voyage. Les gens peuvent choisir une destination de voyage particulière à partir de là. Toutes sortes d’informations concernant le lieu sont également fournies dans les guides afin qu’il soit plus facile pour les gens d’avoir une bonne connaissance de l’endroit. Les dépenses approximatives sont également mentionnées afin que l’on puisse choisir la destination en fonction du budget. Par conséquent, il est tout à fait clair que le fait d’avoir un guide peut aider à la bonne planification des vacances.

Avec l’avènement de l’Internet, les guides de voyage en ligne sont devenus très populaires. Beaucoup d’informations concernant un lieu sont disponibles sur les différents sites Web si elles sont correctement recherchées. Vous pouvez obtenir des informations sur les moyens d’atteindre l’endroit, les différents types d’hébergement qui sont disponibles, les endroits pour manger et boire, les lieux d’attractions touristiques à la destination, le transport local, les conditions climatiques, les caractéristiques géographiques, les références historiques et plus de choses. Avec toutes ces informations à portée de main, il est possible de mieux connaître un lieu. En fait, vous pouvez planifier votre voyage bien si vous avez déjà des conseils sur l’endroit. Il n’y a aucune chance de rater n’importe quel endroit important pendant le voyage avec le bon type de guide de voyage.

Les bons guides de voyage contiendront des détails sur les diverses installations d’hébergement qui sont disponibles dans une destination touristique. Il contiendra les coordonnées des riad marrakech et centres de villégiature ainsi que leurs tarifs. Des cartes précises devraient également être fournies dans tous les guides, de sorte que les voyageurs puissent trouver les lieux sans aucun problème. Les cartes peuvent être d’excellents guides en eux-mêmes. En dehors de cela, les numéros de contact de divers agents de voyages et voyagistes sont également fournis dans les différents guides. Beaucoup de gens aiment recevoir de l’aide pour divers types de choses …

Perth has an attractive setting on the Swan River

Perth has an attractive setting on the Swan River

In the case of issues to do”, Perthshire has an enviable popularity for offering all of it. We’ll present you all of the totally different experiences Perth and surrounds can supply you through a sequence of video. Perth affords a calming and straightforward going life-style surrounded by the Swan River, Kings Park, and countless stretches of attractive beaches. The Perth Mint was established in 1899 making it Australia’s oldest mint still in operation. Set amongst fashionable skyscrapers within the heart of Perth City is Perth’s London Court. Perth has an attractive setting on the Swan River and nearby to a number of gorgeous beaches which might be rather a lot much less crowded than its east coast counterparts, which also adds large enchantment. Things to do in Perth and Activities for families with kids of all ages to do in Western Australia.

Perth is a great metropolis for being outside, like you say, and for me one of the best bit is just being able to get on my bike and cycle. Quite than satisfy my must see the SW I left Perth determined to return and explore more absolutely. Travelers who love nature would instantly fall in love with Australia for its pristine beaches and huge shoreline. Contemplate a cruise at night time when the glittering city lights are reflected on the river. Make the trip from Perth right down to Fremantle through a calming cruise on the Swan River.

Built in 1835, the Outdated Mill in Perth is among the metropolis’s oldest historic landmarks. On the same time, these a lot-cherished stereotypes in movies and vacationer displays can provide individuals the impression that they know the true Scotland. The Perth city centre has been revitalised through the years adding extra cafes, restaurants and especially the small bar scene, and the monster waterfront growth, which appears like a mini-model of Darling Harbour in Sydney, is bound so as to add so much to the city.

Enjoy visions of our metropolis, the quality meals and wine offerings Perth has to offer, the urbane way of life of the locals and our aquatic wonderland, just a stone’s throw from town centre. As a family we prefer to remain in residences in city centres to have access to a full-kitchen, laundry services and separate bedrooms for the kids. Kings Park has a shocking location overlooking the Swan River and provides sweeping views of the Perth metropolis skyline. I have never been to a performance at the Perth Live performance Hall myself, but I have been told a number of occasions, and have learn, that the acoustics are unbelievable, even higher than at the Sydney Opera House.

If you have not seen the sun set over the ocean, Western Australia is the place it’s at. Throw in the mad AFL sporting culture, which I missed out on seeing a recreation unfortunately, and cricket at the famed WACA and Perth makes for a terrific quick break, or for a base to have prolonged travel …

The Best Delhi Pubs to Sip On Exotic Margaritas

The Best Delhi Pubs to Sip On Exotic Margaritas

Some say margaritas are little drops of heaven. Having a frozen margarita in a margarita glass with its tip covered in salt and garnished with lemon brings the tropical right to you. You feel like you are in Mexico having the first-ever Margarita in the world. But, if the making of margarita is not right, you end up feeling like you might puke because of the distasteful drink that you put in your mouth. If you love the original classic margarita that has the right amount of tequila and margarita mix, then these Delhi pubs would be perfect for you:

Raftaar – High Speed Bar & Lounge:

Raftaar is known for its ambience that is more like a car and bike lounge. The name says so itself. It has three different levels of seating available and each has its own experience like classy car lounge, countryside bikers and a private pool dining at the terrace. All scream party time during the night hours as the DJ plays sick tunes that would command you to get on your feet. Apart from all these, Raftaar has the best cocktail and hard drink collection. All the classics like Mai Tai, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri and Margarita are available. The Margarita here can be ordered as frozen or on the rocks depending upon your choice. It costs INR 375 only, which is way cheaper than many other bars.

Address: 15, Club Rd, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026


Tamasha is another lovely bar/lounge in Delhi that offers delicious Margarita. They have made a name for themselves by being authentic in their drink selection and preparation. The bartender knows how to make the perfect cocktail mixes and if you have margarita at Tamasha, you would forget the other places. You can also get an entire pitcher that serves four if you are thirsty. The setup of this pub has a huge outdoor space and a mega bar. This is a place that can accommodate parties of any size. This is one of the best cafes in CP if you want to chill with friends and have pitchers of margaritas.

Address: A 28, Anand House, KG Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Master of Malts:

Master of Malts is the only pub in whole of Delhi that serves all kinds of malts. They are certainly the master and the place is really classy and uptown. The prices, on the other hand, are really reasonable. Master of Malts doesn’t just offer malts though. It has all kinds of drinks, cocktails and beers available. The classic cocktails like Margarita and Daiquiris are also available and they make these to perfection as well. Therefore, if you are around Connaught Place and are craving margaritas, this is the place to be.

Address: 2nd Floor, Scindia House, Atma Ram Mansion, K.G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Lord of the Drinks Meadow:

What is more exotic than luscious greenery? Lord of the Drinks Meadow gives you the complete experience. The place …

BMW X5  is one of the most popular cars from its classe for those who choose rent a car services offered by Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest

BMW X5  is one of the most popular cars from its classe for those who choose rent a car services offered by Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest

Credit Image

If we talk about BMW X5, that we are definitely talking about a big interior and a big car, which imposes respect and which is appreciated by lots of drivers. Now, available for rent at Promotor Car Rental in Bucharest and Promotor Rent a Car Otopeni (Henri Coanda).

BMW X5 is one of the most attractive offers in this spring, at Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest, being one of the cars with the most numerous facilities included in the car’s price. If you are still not sure of the benefits of this car, here are some of the reasons for which this is an exceptional choice.

Ultimate generation facilities

Being one of the types which were made with the intention of offering a new and different driving experience, BMW X5 is one of the cars which include a series of ultimate generation facilities.  From these, we remind the intelligent display of the brakes force, the follow me function or the seats with active head restraints. Without a doubt, all these make the driving a pleasure, even when you have to drive for many hours. That is why many of those who have to make long trips rather choose such a car.

More Space, More Comfort

Besides the fact that the interior is one with more spaces for luggage than we could have imagined, the car is extremely spacious. For each passenger, there is enough space to relax during an entire long road. The difference felt from this point of view between an ordinary car and a BMW X5 is also the one that convinces those who choose a rent a car service in Bucharest to make this choice again.

Taxes and Insurances Included

Even if normally, the renting price of a BMW X5 is higher than the price of a smaller car, besides the comfort given by it, there are more included facilities. Therefore, those who rent a car benefit besides the usual insurances and the already paid road taxes, of anti-theft insurance (TP) and accident insurance (CDW). Also, those who choose a rent a car service at Promotor Rent a Car Iasi too can enjoy the car without having a limit of kilometers.


In case you need the car to go on a road where there is snow, the renting package also includes winter chains. In the same time, the drivers have a seat for the baby and a GPS navigation system, with updated maps in 2017. All you need to do is to prepare your baggage and make your reservation.


Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Abandoning the everyday life, the paths that have been beaten and the more crowded destinations is a mission that only the most demanding travelers can accomplish. Boutique hotels represent the luxury fortress in this regard and become not only the place to stay but the essence of the exclusive holiday.

Overlooking the ocean, Boutique Hotels is a widely-used word that indicates a type of accommodation that is gaining the interest of the most demanding travelers.
And we are not talking about (only) luxury, sophisticated services and cheaper prices, but above all small hotels and facilities, able to offer intimate atmospheres and gatherings, unconventional and highly personalized experiences.

If you, when you travel, love to feel cuddly, in an exclusive, charming, but also able to recall the warmth of your home, then the Boutique Hotel is the size that is right for you.
Canopybeds, boiseries, frescoedceilings, upholstery, Iranian marble bathrooms, Jacuzzi; Boutique hotels can be both sober, elegant and also warm, engaging and trendy.

They can be found in the metropolis and in the countryside, in UNESCO World Heritage, within wineries as in the midst of an African safari tour. They are attended by a sophisticated host, artist, politician, and all those travelers looking for a hospitable formula rich in personality, in short with a soul.

Just arrived at boutique hotels, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside, enjoy a welcome drink, immerse yourself in the scents of the garden and spend pleasant moments in the hotel’s rooms where the harmony between classic and modern reaches unusual peaks.

Many Boutique Hotels, especially if they are located in a hilly area or among the forests, welcome guests to breakfast to start their day in fully equipped gardens or in indoor rooms decorated with classical and well-lit furnishings with glass windows overlooking the pool.

Let the scents and colors of the location you have chosen guide you. In boutique hotels, you can spend your holidays in total tranquility and sublime sophistication.


Travel Europe on a Budget

Travel Europe on a Budget

What would you say if you were told that you could go to Europe on an affordable package? Would you be skeptical? Would you be amused? Or would you be plainly dumbfounded in disbelief?

European travel has always been the most expensive. Most middle class wage earners would need to tighten their belts for several years, scrimping & saving just so they can afford their dream European vacation. Europe represents one of the many fantasies of most people because of its quiet elegance, its romantic sceneries & panoramic views. European countryside is magical & has been the inspiration of many poems & the venue o many love stories. Europe is a great destination for newlyweds on their honeymoons, retirees wanting to get a taste of the good life & just about everybody else looking for a good time. But, Europe is also synonymous with expensive food, expensive hotels, expensive clothes & just about everything else is more expensive in Europe!

Cheap travel Europe gives you an option that would otherwise be unaffordable to many people. Cheap travel Europe takes away the “expensive” in Europe! Cheap travel Europe lets you achieve that fantasy you’ve been cuddling for so long.

If you are planning a romantic getaway, Europe is the ultimate destination! Just think of romantic France & be inspired by French lovers strolling hand-in-hand, kissing & hugging in the streets. Imagine yourself in Venice, having a smooth gondola ride with you husband or wife. Imagine yourself surrounded by the rich history of Ireland & Austria. Get a taste of authentic German beer or Russian vodka & caviar or take a bite of a scrumptious Swiss or Belgian chocolate. Aaaaaaaah, the taste of travel!

Europe offers a wild cornucopia of anything & everything enjoyable. From the vas collection of the world’s greatest art pieces in Italy, to the holy & somber Vatican, to the swinging parties in England and to the Moorish architectures of Spain. All these are up for grabs when you avail of cheap travel Europe.

Take your family with you or your group of friends, plan a victory vacation with your officemates or teammates—avail of the awesome cheap travel Europe package!

Cheap travel Europe is also a great gift to your parents when they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Nothing says “Thank you” better than a long European vacation courtesy of cheap travel Europe.

Cheap travel Europe is a great way to treat yourself after slaving for several years & working nonstop. Take a short break from the demands of a corporate life; take yourself away from the stress & hassle of beating deadlines & just enjoy life for a while. There is nothing better than the European ambiance to ease away all your tensions.

Take advantage of cheap travel Europe! Who says you have to pay full when you can get the same deal at a much lower price! Cheap travel Europe is the best way to do a vacation. Traveling on a budget isn’t that bad, as …

Get cheap airfare from USA to Sydney

Get cheap airfare from USA to Sydney

Due to its spark and energy most people think Sydney is the capital of Australia, but if it is not the capital Sydney is the most enthralling city of Australia. From the orange-segments shaped Opera House, the Harbour Bridge off which fireworks dance on New Year’s Eve, and, of course, Bondi Beach Sydney is always exciting. Getting cheap airfare from USA to Sydney is as easy as buying a lollypop. Within the duration of 14 hours 31 mins from Los Angeles you will reach this oldest city of Australia. The best way to buy tickets from USA to Sydney is to book your tickets online. By checking out different websites like Globster.com you will get the cheapest airfares for your tour to Sydney.

These days you will find countless sites that provide options for cheap airfares. You need to start your search comprehensively by putting key words like cheap airfares; discounted plane tickets etc. and a long list of sites will flash on your screen. If you are planning to go to Sydney from USA then you have to look for booking cheap plane tickets. Book your tickets from any city of USA like Los Angeles, Chicago to the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport as the airport is also connected to other cities in Australia. One of the important things to remember while flying to Sydney is that the Sydney Airport is not open round-the-clock and is going to be closed between 11pm and 6am. From the airport, you can hire the Sydney uptown train to reach the city center. You also have options like the Airport Link train service, local bus services, and Taxis, to get around Sydney.

With its wonderful climate, lively beaches, parks and gardens, shopping and world-class dining, an efficient transport system, Sydney siders know how to live well. Sydney is traveler’s favorite destination due to its friendly climate. Summers in Sydney from December to February is the finest time for outdoors and bathing in sun on the beach while the winter is much cooler with an average temperature of 17 degree Celsius. Sydney is known in Asia pacific region for the quality of life it has. You get to enjoy the view of the Most of the historic buildings that stand tall in Macquarie Street including Hyde Park Barracks, the Mint Building, Parliament House and Sydney Hospital. Once you get used to how to follow the tips and learn tricks of booking cheap plane ticket from the USA you will be able to find out in which season to travel and at what time to book your air plane tickets. You can also read travelers blog and review to take a wise decision.

Soak yourself into the exotic view from port Jackson and that too at a very cheap airfare from USA. Globester is such a site that will give you full worth of your hard earned money and you will not regret booking your air tickets from this site. It is the most genuine …

Travel Insurance. Also Get A European Health Insurance Card.

Travel Insurance. Also Get A European Health Insurance Card.

Hands up all those who remember the old E111 medical forms you were supposed to have if you travelled in Europe? I can see all those blank faces!

Well, great news is that it doesn’t matter any more. The E111 form was replaced at the beginning of January 2006 by a new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This EHIC is valid for up to 5 years and entitles you to the same level of medical care in the country you’re travelling in, as would be enjoyed by the residents of that country. The card covers discounted and free medical care including emergency treatment, and applies to all the EEC countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. But be aware that the treatment you’re entitled to might not include all the treatments you get free of charge under the National Health Service here in Britain.

Nevertheless, we believe that it’s wise to carry a EHIC as it could save you time, money and a great deal of hassle if you’re unlucky enough to need medical attention. It can cut through some of the inevitable red tape you’d be faced with if you were relying just on the medical provisions of your travel insurance policy.

You should also be aware that in many areas of Europe, the best medical attention is still reserved for those with private insurance cover. Private insurance bypasses the long queues of local residents waiting patently in inhospitable corridors – after all who wants to spend days of their holiday not only ill, but queuing as well!

Another point is that nationalised health care is only available at nationalised hospitals which, in some countries, are hundreds of miles apart. They tend to be located where the local population work and live – not where you enjoy your holidays! Therefore, you may be a long way from the nearest nationalised hospital whereas private medical and dental clinics are to be found in many tourist areas catering primarily for holidaymakers. Their standard is usually good albeit in local terms, they’re expensive.

Whilst we’ve been discussing medical care, don’t forget that private travel insurance covers you for much more than just medical expenses. Most policies will even pay for you to be flown home to the UK if you’re really ill. Holiday cancellation (due to prior illness), holiday curtailment, loss of luggage or individual items are all aspects normally covered by the insurance.

To be as safe as possible, we recommend that all travellers get a European Health Insurance Card and comprehensive travel insurance. After all, you’ve saved up for ages for the holiday and if something goes wrong the last thing you want is to be worried about the financial implications.

As with most insurance, the best travel insurance bargains are to be found on the Internet. Search on your favourite search engine for “travel insurance”. The brokers usually provide the best value for money as they will have access to a wide range of insurance providers and can pick …

Haunted Places in California – The Captain's Anchorage Restaurant in Big Bear Lake, CA

Haunted Places in California – The Captain's Anchorage Restaurant in Big Bear Lake, CA

There are several real haunted places in America that draw the attention of those that are interested in the paranormal. We often hear stories that pertain to haunted hotels, haunted prisons, haunted houses, and even haunted roads. However, it is not at all common to hear ghostly tales associated with restaurants. However, if you were to study the haunted places in California, you would find that there is a restaurant located in Big Bear Lake that is rumored to be haunted. This restaurant is called The Captain’s Anchorage. In this travel guide on haunted places, you will be introduced to the ghost stories associated with this particular restaurant.

Historical Highlights

The Captain’s Anchorage is an extremely popular icon in the Big Bear Lake region. Located just one hundred miles from the popular City of Los Angeles, this community is nestled in the National Forest identified as “San Bernardino”. The region served as a home to the Indians that were identified as “Serrano”. In the year of 1845, an individual that was named Benjamin D. Wilson elected to pursue the Indians that lived in the area. However, he discovered that there were more bears than Indians and immediately renamed the area to “Bear Valley”.

Because of the fact that there were so many bears throughout the area, in the year of 1860 another man by the name of William Holcomb went hunting. However, he stumbled across more than just bears – he actually found an amazing amount of gold in the area. Shortly thereafter, the immensely popular “Gold Rush” that occurred in Southern California occurred. The region started to receive a lot of attention from individuals all around the United States. The first dam of the area was constructed in the year of 1884. Just four years later, Big Bear Lake opened its first hotel. Then, in the year of 1946, the restaurant now known as The Captain’s Anchorage was constructed. At that time, it was identified as “The Sportsman’s Tavern”.

Just a few short years later, several individuals within the community and even many outside of the region would visit this restaurant and bar establishment and engage in illegal gambling. This was a common type of activity during the 40s, 50s, and the 60s. There was a man by the name of George that was believed to have served as the official bookkeeper for the illegal gambling proceedings. If you visit this supposed haunted restaurant, you will find a picture that includes this man as well as several of his friends. It is this man that has many believing that The Captain’s Anchorage is one of the most haunted placed in California. If you are interested in real haunted places in America, this is one location that you will want to visit.

George’s Death

Naturally, time progressed and George died. The story surrounding the true details of his death are not quite clear. There are many individuals that feel as if he took his own life. Many theories abound on …