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Boat Storage at Lake Tahoe

Boat Storage at Lake Tahoe

Popular water vacation destinations are known to equip themselves with several facilities and Lake Tahoe is no exception. This lake which lies on the border of California and Nevada teems with tourists in the hot summer months. Since the main attraction of the Lake Tahoe is water sporting, including boating, it becomes essential for tourists to know where the boat storage areas are. Also, Lake Tahoe is replete with options for boat storage, right from marinas that allow the boats and the yachts to be stored in the water itself to the modern boat storage racks that can save boats one on top of the other in the form of an array. When you are looking for boat storage at Lake Tahoe, you have to make sure that you find a place that not only suits your needs but also your budget.

The Types of Boat Storage at Lake Tahoe

Being such a popular tourist destination, it is no wonder that you can find several kinds of boat storage facilities here. The commonest classification for the boat storage options available at Lake Tahoe includes dry and wet storage. Wet storage refers to keeping the boat moored in the water itself. For dry storage, the boat is towed out of the water and is stored on dry land. Both kinds of storage are equally popular at Lake Tahoe.

There is also covered and open storage that you will find here. Covered storages are just as their name suggests. They preserve the boats under a canopy-like structure so that the boats are protected from the climatic elements. This type of storage could be dry as well as wet. Open storage does not cover the boats from the environment they are in. There is also another kind of boat storage you will encounter frequently at Lake Tahoe which is known as enclosed boat storage. In this kind of facility, the boats remain moored in the water, but they are enclosed with a fencelike structure in the water itself. This adds to the safety of the boats while in storage.

Boat Storage Racks at Lake Tahoe

Recently, boat storage racks have become very popular among tourists hiring boats at Lake Tahoe. These racks are built with steel frames and are designed so that they can hold boats one on top of the other and across, in the form of an array. The frames are made quite sturdy and in such a way that they do not get weathered with the climatic excesses. The racks are built to be 4 to 5 units in height and can be up to 25 units in width. Hence, a single boat rack can store 80 to 100 boats.

The boat racks have become the need of the hour at Lake Tahoe because of the large volume of tourist traffic that it sees each year. The racks allow for vertical storage of boats and hence provide more space.

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