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How to Ship a Puppy on a Plane Made Simple

How to Ship a Puppy on a Plane Made Simple

Puppy Air delivery Made Simple

The PocketSizedPuppies.com, we provide aerial delivery of your puppies for all yorkiepoos teacup sized, Shorkie, and Morkies other puppies Micro teacup puppies, we have to sell.

We are proud of the way our dogs are safety shiped by air almost anywhere in the U.S. states 48.

Our commitment to provide your pooch with a smooth, safe trip for them and peace of mind for you.

How much is shipping the little puppy typically depends on time of year, which airlines you choose, and the puppy together with size and breed. We offer affordable shipping at the price of $250.00. We do not have shipping costs more than it costs us the air ship a dog. Amount for shipping comes from the following: veterinary health certificate, USDA kennel and puppy ticket.

Airlines Pet Shipping

Pet Airways, we have used is American Airlines. AA makes the process very easy and simple, and have chosen for that reason. Other airlines, including pets such as Continental, United, Delta.

Teacup puppies should generally be at least 8 weeks old, sometimes wait until they are 9 weeks if they are too small for safety.

Where can a puppy be shipped to?

We can ship to most major cities in the United States, including some small towns. Some of the cities we ship, but not limited to:

Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL | Detroit, MI | Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Newark | Pittsburgh, PA | San Francisco, CA | Baltimore, MD | Cincinnati, OH | Orange County, California | Portland, OR | Seattle, WA | Boston, MA | San Diego, CA | Washington DC | Indianapolis, IN | Milwaukee, WI | Orlando, FL | Raleigh, NC | St. Louis, MO | Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | Sacramento, CA | Tampa Bay, FL | Philadelphia, PA | Charlotte, North Carolina | Las Vegas, NV | Denver, CO |

Your Puppy Arrival Directions:

It is advisable to arrive at the airport an hour before a flight with state issued ID. Only the person who brought the puppy is able to the airlines. All puppies are sent to the baggage claim so ask the TSA at the airport if you have any questions.

Pet Air Travel receipts should be sent within 3 days of making dog air transportation

When you receive micro teacup puppy, you must feed them as soon as you get home. Of course this is only if you live within one hour at the airport. Feed your puppy right away if you stay more than 2 hours from the airport.

There is also a good idea to have on hand for Nutrical to give a teaspoon to your puppy to prevent puppy shock or hypoglycemia.

Pet Carrier Regulations:

Pet Carrier regulations require a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days.

USDA Pet Travel Kennel

Puppies within 16 weeks should be provided food and water if transit is more than 12 hours.

Puppies 16 weeks …