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Budget Friendly Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Budget Friendly Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Cabo San Lucas is popular city in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. It is a varied destination which confines the true essence of Baja Peninsula through its various resorts, world class restaurants, championship golf courses and fascinating outdoor activities.

The city prides itself as a hub for cruise ships, sports fishermen, water sport aficionados, nightlife seekers and sport fishermen. Matter of fact, it is now regarded as Mexico’s 2nd fastest growing resort destination. Cabo has become the ultimate destination for those seeking a memorable outdoor adventure.

Cabo has 3 districts. This includes The Corridor, San Jose del Cabo and Can San Lucas. The Corridor pertains to the highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. It is currently lined up with condos, golf courses and resorts throughout its stunning coastline. San Jose del Cabo pertains to the “Old Town” nearest the airport. It features that old Mexican Charm mixed with several new resorts.

As for Cabo San Lucas, it is considered as the “Main Town”. It is about 20 mi. from the airport and even Cabo’s entertainment hub. It has the most famous arch. It is deemed as North America’s hottest party town at night. It features a plethora of dining choices and a glittering nightlife. As an all-time favorite wild party destination throughout the Baja Peninsula, many call it “Cabo San Loco” or plainly “Cabo”.

Cabo San Lucas Activities

Aside from the bustling night scene, there are various activities you can do in this exciting city. This includes many watersports and scuba diving activities as well as cruise adventures, ATV offroad biking, buggy rides and a visit to the Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory.

Scuba diving is a favorite activity in Cabo, especially for those who rarely see the sand fall under the water. For a more relaxing scene, there’s Lover’s Beach and a lot of romantic restaurants to go to afterwards. Some places to consider for scuba diving and other water activities are Cabo Surf Safari (has professional surfing instructors); Picante Bluewater Sports (has yachts that range from 24′-75′ and costs around $600-$2,500); and JT Watersports (offers parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, wave running and sunset cruises to “El Arco” or Lover’s Beach).

Cruise through Cabo San Lucas through Jazz & Wine Tour aboard the Tropicat or via the Reggae Jungle Cruise. Jazz & Wine Tour aboard the Tropicat offers a huge sailing catamaran. Aboard this yacht, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you listen to contemporary Jazz music. They have an international bar serving hor d’ouvres and premium wines. Reggae Jungle Cruise, on the other hand, offers snorkeling and whale watching activities along with continental breakfast and lunch while cruising through 2 different reefs.

For those who want to try an ATV offroad adventure, you can go on guided tours through the desert, sand dunes, beach and the mountains. The price for a half day trip is $85 US, inclusive of a mountain bike or ATV, expert tour guide, rappelling gear, energy bars, rappel instructor, beverages and an air conditioned …

From San Diego To The Redwood Forrest

From San Diego To The Redwood Forrest

If you have ever wanted to take a good long scenic drive along the ocean, then the best place to start and end is in California. It has a coastline that is famous all over the world for its beauty and intrigue. There are literally hundreds of places to see and things to do up and down these hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline.

San Diego is close to the Mexican border and you might just want to take a little trip to Tijuana before you head up the coast. If not, you can visit the San Diego zoo or Sea World before your trip even gets started good.

The trip North will land you next in Oceanside and further up, Santa Ana. Next you come to Long Beach and the ever popular Los Angeles. Here you will certainly not find any shortage of fun and interesting things to do and see. From Beverly Hills to Hollywood there are so many star studded things to enjoy.

There is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, shopping, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and so much more. When you stop in Los Angeles, be prepared to stay for a few days if you want to be able to take advantage of all there is to enjoy here. Who knows, you might even get a peek at one of your favorite star while you are there.

Your next stops will probably be Ventura, Santa Barbara, and further along north, Santa Maria. Each and every one of these towns is worth a short visit along the way. You will never know about all the small attractions when you take a road trip like this unless you stop and take a few hours to look around. Discovering out of the way restaurants and attractions that you never knew existed is what makes road trips so much fun.

Big Sur, Monterey, and Santa Cruz are all on your way to the historic and incomparable San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay area is another place where you will want to delay your coastline adventure for at least a day or two. The countryside and city life alike here is something you will want to tour and enjoy at your leisure.

After San Francisco you can travel on up to the top of this huge state to see the famous Redwood Forrest. These spectacular historic trees are also something you will not want to miss. They are one of the great beauties of California. The ride up along the California is one that you are sure to never forget.…

Families Enjoy Vacations at San Diego’s Warner Springs

Families Enjoy Vacations at San Diego’s Warner Springs

Warner Springs Ranch had its beginning back when ranch founder John Warner was given 48,000 square acres just for becoming a Mexican citizen.

Of course, Warner had a little pull: he had married Anita Gale, who was raised as a ward of the soon-to-be governor of California. For a 37-year-old Connecticut native, Warner had done well for himself.

Warner’s little piece of Mexico – dubbed Valle de San Jose – was renamed Warner’s Ranch and, by the late 1840’s, this idyllic stretch of property became the only inhabited stopping place for wagon trains and Butterfield stagecoaches between New Mexico and Los Angeles. The ranch was located in eastern San Diego County and was once visited by famous stagecoach travelers including President Teddy Roosevelt. Grant, and many other notables.

One of the main attractions in those days was the hot mineral springs that were included in Warner’s little gift from the Mexican government. One can only imagine how good this early-day hot tub felt for those tired stagecoach travelers after a hard day of fighting Indians or just riding in a rickety wagon on washboard roads. The California Spa experience had been born.

Somewhere along the way, Warner’s oasis became known as Warner Springs Ranch and its proximity to Los Angeles – just a hundred miles or so – made it popular with Hollywood stars such as Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Gary Cooper, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, John Wayne and Bing Crosby. Clearly, Warner Springs Ranch had passed the test of time, and that has since led to several generations of California families who have grown up enjoying their vacations in Warner Springs.

Whether coming from San Diego or points north, the drive to Warner Springs Ranch takes you through and around 6000-foot mountain ranges, across high-desert plateaus and along winding rivers and streams – which, thanks to this winter’s rains, actually have water in them. It’s a pleasant drive far away from the bustle of the city and light-years apart from the Southern California beach experience that is, as the crow flies, about 40 miles away.

At the end of your journey is the ranch, nestled in the foothills of Palomar Mountain. For a resort offering 240 cottages, we noticed on a recent visit that it doesn’t seem nearly that expansive from the road. Warner Springs Ranch really is like a small town by the side of the road that doesn’t offer much of a hint about what’s inside this gated community. Once inside, however, we could see that there was much to explore and do without even leaving the ranch.

First stop was our adobe cottage. Obviously built many decades ago, this house included a spacious living room area with cathedral ceilings and a couch that folded out into a double bed. The thick adobe walls – about two feet wide measuring the window insets – keep these units cool year around, but a stone fireplace was at the ready. Adjacent to the living room area was a bedroom …