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RV Safety and Hatch Lift Support

RV Safety and Hatch Lift Support

In the RV hatch trailer life style usually the external luggage boxes are installed by the RV owners. These are useful to store luggage and other accessories. But sometimes while accessing these luggage compartments we have to face some troubles like hatch headaches because of unable to hold open compartment doors. In this situation a hatch lift support is helpful. It can be installed on 5th wheels, travel trailers and motor homes. Lift hatch can also include horse and equipment trailers, food service trucks, boat engine covers and many other uses. The Hatch Lifts are designed mainly to meet the demands of the marine environment. They are constructed entirely of non-corrosive materials and are completely submersible, ensuring reliable performance.

RV Hatch Lifts are hydraulic lift systems that assist in holding open RV hatch doors. RV Hatch lifts are engineered to retro fit existing RV baggage compartment doors. You should avoid any delays and unexpected problems while dealing with RV hatch lift. There are some RV safety tips like Take Care of Hatch Tires, Weigh Your RV and Tow Vehicle, to know if weight is properly distributed and that you are within legal weight, be sure to find a certified platform scale and get weighed. Have the lift fully loaded with cargo, fuel, personal belongings, and full fresh water and propane tanks to get an accurate weight. RV hatch lifts supports hold open RV Hatches safely. Once installed, it replaces the wall clips that do a poor job of protecting you from a Hatch Headache.

By using proven hydraulic technology, Hatch Lifter Systems raise hatches at the push of a button. The operation will be quiet, smooth and responsive with no cylinder drift. This lifter system can be operated by the Hydraulic Power Unit. Some of the features of Hatch Lifter includes Single cylinder of vertical lifting capability, stainless steel shaft inside a black anodized aluminum cylinder, Standard stroke is also available and Dual cylinder systems can move simultaneously or independently.

The hatch hinges are easily installed using fasteners and features a removable pin. These hatch hinges are precision cast and made from grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Hatch lift supports are responsible for both lifting and holding the lift hatch up. While using door lift supports, Open the rear hatch and instruct an assistant to hold the hatch as you remove the lift. Trace the lift upward until you locate where it connects to the hatch. If the lift is connected by bolts, loosen and remove the bolts with a ratchet and socket. If it has no bolts, pry up on the clip on the ball at the end of the lift with a small flathead screwdriver.

So Hatch Lifts are mainly provided to support the doors and provide style to the doors. Hatch lifters are there for the support the lift and there are some safety tips which must be followed while making use of Hatch lifts for the safety of the user.…

Nascar Vacations: Why Does Rv Camping Cost More Than A Hotel Package?

Nascar Vacations: Why Does Rv Camping Cost More Than A Hotel Package?

I truly believe the best way to experience NASCAR is camping at the race track.  There is something about the atmosphere created at the campground that makes the race experience much more exciting.  It’s often one very long tailgate party.  You can’t create the same “tailgate” atmosphere staying in a hotel located 45 to 90 minutes from the track.

However, most people I talk to are shocked to learn that a NASCAR RV camping package is more expensive then staying at a hotel (excluding meals).  I will outline why this is the case. 

Not all, but most RV dealers charge a premium for NASCAR races and other sporting events, and require a minimum rental period ranging from 4 to 7 nights.  A luxury motorhome can cost upwards of $700 per night and your standard Class C motorhome can cost about $400.  RVs can be 3 to 5 times more expensive than most hotel rooms. 

Now let’s get into the “hidden” costs.  There is the cost of fuel, mileage, propane usage, generator usage, pump outs, and the campsite.  Campsites can run anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on the facilities offered and hook-ups (e.g., water, sewage and electricity).

If you are flying to the race or a novice camper, there are other expenses that you may incur such as bedding sets, kitchen sets and personal care packages (e.g., towels, etc.).  In most cases these are all additional charges which can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per person.

The apparent cost differential is reduced when you compare apples to apples.  Most hotel packages are based on a two night stay whereas RV packages are based on a 4 night minimum.  Then add in the amount of money you’ll spend on meals and beer or other alcoholic beverages at restaurants and at the track.  This could be $60 per day, if not more.  If you are camping, you can prepare meals at the campsite.   This is where the savings add up. 

When it is all said and done, the RV camping might cost a few dollars more, but when you compare the benefits of staying at the track versus a hotel THERE IS NO COMPARISON.  Camping wins hands down.

Many of my friends ask me why I camp if it’s more expensive.  For me, there are two options: 1) spend a substantial amount of money to see a race; or 2) spend a little more and turn a NASCAR race into an action-packed vacation that is simply fun, fun, fun!  I like to maximize my entertainment value for the money invested and for this reason I always chose the RV camping route. 

In other words, why not spend a few dollars more and turn a NASCAR race into a week long NASCAR vacation.  Tailgating for an entire week with 1,000s of other NASCAR fans is simply the best.  It beats all other sporting events including football (College and the NFL).

Camping is guaranteed to turn what is “going to a race”, into …

Popular RV Destinations in California

Popular RV Destinations in California

Travelers of all ages flock to the Golden State every year. The wealth of vastly different experiences that the state has to offer is incomparable. California boasts deserts, mountains, beaches, forests, cities, vineyards and a host of other places to discover and explore. Often, the only thing holding people back from visiting is the high price tag. Staying in hotels can really add up, so the best way to cut costs and make your trip memorable is to stay in a California RV resort. Some of the most popular destinations in California are also popular RV destinations, so you can find these resorts almost anywhere you want to be.

– KQ Ranch Resort – In beautiful Julian, California, this California RV resort is a fantastic resort in a very centralized location. The park is very close to San Diego, allowing for easy day trips into the city to explore. It also sits near the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the Pacific Coast Trail, allowing your inner “granola-girl/boy” to hike along the miles of trails available to stunning lookout points and through ecosystems teeming with life. Also, while most couples are crowding up and touring the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, you can be indulging in the delightful, pristine vineyards right around Julian like the Menghini Winery or the oldest winery in southern California, Bernardo Winery.

– Emerald Cove RV Resort – On the California side of the winding Colorado River, Emerald Cove is a very family-oriented resort surrounded in amazing panoramic views. Drop the kids off at the River Rats Kids’ Club where the director will entertain them for hours. During the few quiet hours you have earned, spend your time relaxing on the white sandy beach. When you converge again, head out on the lake with the kids for some water sports, or drive over to Quartzsite, AZ, where there are gem and mineral shows, as well as a large flea market full of fossils, gems, and rocks. Your kids can learn a bit of geology and you can pick up a couple of gems for souvenirs, so everyone wins!

– Cherry Valley Lakes – Moments from Palm Springs and less than an hour away from Los Angeles sits Cherry Valley Lakes. Obviously well-situated, the campground offers gorgeous mountain vistas and vibrant night-life all within easy driving distance. This is a resort to truly relax at, fish in the well-stocked lake, and unwind around the campfire with your family and friends. Fabulously beautiful golf courses are within a quick drive as well, and the shops and restaurants of Palm Springs are just around the corner.…