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Review Of Convention Expo Travel A Great Company For Convention Housing

Review Of Convention Expo Travel A Great Company For Convention Housing

My name   is Sam King and since 1998 I have been traveling the globe for work and leisure. The idea for this blog came from  my desire  to share my opinions and experiences on the best the travel market has to offer. Keep an eye out for me and as I will  be constantly  sharing  my personal experiences on hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, tourist stops, airline and everything travel related. In the US and  across the globe.  

Today I want to talk about Convention Expo Travel. They are located in Henderson N.V and they are without a doubt a good bunch of people. I have heard the opposite so I wanted to check it out for myself and I decided to look into them. I convinced myself to book 2 rooms just to see what would actually happen.

 I called and asked for a sales person, I got a receptionist who took all my information and asked me 20 questions. This made me wonder why I needed to be grilled to talk to sales however I wanted to find out if they could beat my price on the hotel we wanted and if they would actually  come through.

 I gave all my information and waited about 10 min and a sales person called me back. His name was jack and he was very polite and he listened and again had to call me back as he needed to check a few things. I figured I would not hear from him as I assumed they only sell what they have and would not go out of their way for a call in customer . These guys usually deal with businesses traveling to conventions and I figured I had no chance of getting them to help me if if they could. 

Well within 2 hours Jack called me back with my exact choice. I wanted the Marriott and I got it. The price was about 12 dollars a night less not the 25 I had expected based on the pitch I got from the receptionist however I was ready for step 2 and I told jack to book it.. Jack said he needed a credit card form from me, and he could not just book the room. I accepted, filled out the form and then I sent it back hoping for the best. 

I got an e mail from Convention Expo Travel at the end of the same day informing me of my hotel , dates, and all the things I had agreed upon with jack.   

I checked in with no issues and actually saved about 15% on the entire trip. The staff was friendly helpful. I called a week before to confirm with the hotel and everything was just as promised. I have called for jack for 2 other bookings and each time he got me what i wanted. One city he could not accommodate but he found me something much less expensive that we all loved. Convention Expo Travel is …

My Airfare Secrets Review

My Airfare Secrets Review

My Airfare Secrets- Learn How to Fly Cheap

My Airfare Secrets Review – Learn How to Fly Cheap

There is a lot of information about the airline ticketing system and the prices they charge, which a normal traveler doesn’t have access to. If you have correct information available to you, you can save a lot of money on your traveling, hotel stays and reservation.

www.myairfaresecrets.com is a website which teaches you how to avail all these discounts. It is created by a former travel agent Tony Morrison who worked for an airline for 16 years before being fired for no reason, he claims that after the launch of this website he has been threatened and also begged by air ticketing companies to close this. Even he has been offered a new employment contract at a higher rate which he refused to.

The site reveals a huge number of secrets that can save you a lot of money on airfares, hotel stays, food and additional travel expenses. It guarantees to make your trips a lot cheaper.

Tony goes in great depth to explain how you can save your money on trips, he reveals that there are thousands of discount coupons released by airlines everyday and explains that how you can benefit from these free vouchers and how you can get your ticket upgraded for free.

He also reveals that by booking your flights on some specific dates you can travel for a very low cost or even free!, and teaches you to take advantage of discounts up to 75% off list prices and many more insider secrets.

The product teaches you the right things you should say to the travel agents while booking your flights to get the discounts, he tells you about the flaws in airlines websites and how you can exploit them and even it teaches you to get compensation money from airline companies. The author claims that his information works with all airlines and he will also tell you about airline packages which will even pay you to travel!

The product also includes bonuses; there is good seat guide that will teach you how to steal good seats away from customers who booked them. It has a hotel reservation manual that will tell you how to save money on hotel stays, a car rental guide, cruise travel guide and holiday planner software which will make it easy for you to plan your trips, and a seven language phrase guide.

The membership is for a very reasonable price of 24.95$. At such a low price, this product will easily pay for itself several times over the very next time you purchase airline tickets.

Click Here For My Airfare Secrets – Learn How to Fly Cheap

Avoid the Airport in the Pacific Northwest – Amtrak Cascades Review

Avoid the Airport in the Pacific Northwest – Amtrak Cascades Review

When traveling on vacation do you have to trudge through crowded airports? Depending on where you are coming from and where you are going the answer is a qualified No.

We took a cruise from Los Angeles, California to Vancouver, British Columbia on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas (Review here) and a one night cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington on the Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Star and had to get home to Portland, Oregon. Most people just go straight with taking a plane and don’t think about what their alternatives are. Well, In Washington and Oregon along the I-5 corridor one option is Amtrak’s Cascades.

Our choice, travel 45-60 minutes from the cruise terminal to SeaTac then spend 1-2 hours trudging through and around the airport, an hour and a half in the air, then another 30+ minutes waiting for our bags or travel 10 minutes to the Amtrak station, wait 15 minutes for our train, spend 3 and a half hours on the rail, grab our bags and go. When the time going by air is compared to the time going by rail it is almost a coin flip, while the actual travel time is longer by rail the additional time in airports and getting there outweighs the same actions by rail. So we opted to take the train, and we did not regret our choice and from now on when we need to get to Seattle from Portland we will always take the train.

The Amtrak Cascades travels a scenic route through the Pacific Northwest from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon past Mount Saint Helens and over the Columbia Gorge. Amtrak Cascades service is financed and operated in partnership with the states of Oregon and Washington, giving residents and visitors to the Pacific Northwest a viable alternative to air travel.

The beauty of the option is where the train station is located in both Seattle and Portland, unlike airports, which are usually located in an out of the way location the train station is right downtown, this is true in almost every location that Amtrak goes to.

Once we debarked from the Norwegian Star we exited from the Seattle Cruise Terminal at Pier 66 and grabbed a taxi right in front. There was an “unofficial” porter working the cabs, a nice young man that appeared to be working just for tips helping people get cabs and their luggage loaded, I don’t know how the cruise lines and taxi drivers view these helpers but he did earn a tip helping us get quickly settled with a cab. The driver took us directly to the train station which was a 10 minute at most drive from the cruise terminal.

We checked our bags with Amtrak baggage handlers and waited for our train, shortly before the train arrived Amtrak personnel assigned us seats and the train arrived on time. When the train arrived everyone headed to their assigned cars in a leisurely pace. We boarded, …