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Exotic And Affordable: Jamaica Vacation Packages

Exotic And Affordable: Jamaica Vacation Packages

The island of Jamaica is rapidly becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean.  With an atmosphere as vibrant as the reggae music for which the island is famous, Jamaica has everything a tropical island should have.  Endless white sand beaches, soaring misty blue mountains, jungles and rivers, miles and miles of hiking and equestrian trails, and marvelous dining. 

With so much to see and do in Jamaica, purchasing a Jamaica vacation package is your best way of ensuring that you spend your time enjoying the attractions instead of trying to decide where you will stay and what you will do next.  Simply ask your travel agent to provide you with information on the different Jamaica vacation packages available depending on whether you are traveling by yourself, as a newlywed on a honeymoon, with your family, or with friends.

If you are planning a honeymoon in Jamaica, for example, consider the Tropical Wedding Package.  This wedding package will provide you and your beloved seven unforgettable nights at Coral Cove, one of Jamaica’s premier resorts on Little Bay, just a few miles south of Negril.   You’ll stay in one of the resort’s villas, the Starlight, the Starbright, or the Doctorbird.  The Tropical Wedding Package, if you wish, will also provide a Jamaican official who can actually marry you during your stay on the island.

If you are heading to Jamaica for a romantic getaway, one excellent Jamaican vacation package is the Love Romance Package.  You will again have your choice of a stay at the Coral Cove’s Starlight, Doctorbird, or Starbright Villas, where you will be greeted with a fresh flower bouquet, chilled champagne, and fresh fruit.  You be welcomed with a special gift from the Coral Cove Resort.

You will also receive in your Love Romance Jamaica vacation package a 60-minute couple’s massage, a guided tour of Little Bay, and candlelight dinners at your choice of Coral Cove’s restaurants.  If you would like a more active Jamaica vacation package, consider booking a Local Tour package.

A Local Tour Jamaica vacation package will include accommodations at one of the islands beach resorts, as well as all your meals, snacks, and drinks.  It will also cover the fees for a variety of water sports including scuba diving, and greens fees at one of Jamaica’s magnificent golf courses.

During your Local Tour package, your resort will let you sample the best Jamaican drinks, and Caribbean rum.  Some of these local tours can arrange your wedding, while others are designed for families with kids.  The family resort RIU Ocho Rios offers Jamaica vacation packages designed for families, including all meals and snacks.  Your room will have a minibar, and your tour package will include beach activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, and sailing.…

All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages – How to Pick the Most Unforgettable Honeymoon Vacation for Your Wedding!

All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages – How to Pick the Most Unforgettable Honeymoon Vacation for Your Wedding!

Ah, with the stress of the wedding over, it is now time to enjoy a well-deserved romantic all inclusive honeymoon packages getaway. Where you and your spouse decide to venture is dependent on several factors, but what is most important is that the romantic getaways you choose has all the elements of what you and your partner agree is romantic as well as providing long lasting special memories.

Travel agents will agree there are a couple of all inclusive honeymoon packages that top the most popular honeymoon destinations. Those include the well-traveled areas of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii and with so much to offer in each one of these locations it is no wonder why they remain so popular.

If you and your partner agree that your romantic getaways should be in a warm and tropical place then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Jamaica, Cancun, or Maui.

With hotels and resorts offering special discounts for honeymooners you can also save money on booking ahead of time or buying an all-inclusive romantic getaways package. Packages reduce the stress of planning your trip and typically include such things as drinks, meals, and special outings.

Depending on your budget and the amount of time you have for vacation, you and your partner might want to consider taking a longer or more extensive holiday. Some honeymooners venture to Japan, Bali, Thailand, or Greece for their vacation.

These exotic romantic getaways can increase the romance as well as provide a bit of adventure. Travel beyond your hotel and explore the surrounding region or relax indoors with the many amenities your hotel has to offer.

Whether you decide to choose traditional all inclusive honeymoon packages or go off the beaten path it is important that you and your partner first decide where you would like to go. Make a list of your top five favorite locations and check to see if you and your partner have any of the same spots.

If not, it is always possible to agree on a type of location – do you want to go to a warm climate, cold climate, expensive or inexpensive, nearby or an adventure.

Once you and your partner have decided on the romantic getaways you would like to visit, check out the many online websites for special deals. With so many deals to almost every destination in the world it shouldn’t be hard for you to arrange all the details of your vacation online. Plus, booking online helps you save money rather than visiting a costly travel agency.

Whether swinging in a hammock on the Maya Rivera or climbing the Wall of China, your all inclusive honeymoon packages should have all the elements of romance that both you and your partner agree on. With so many special destinations to choose from, no matter where you decide to vacation you are assured to have those special memories to last a life time.…

Finding the Cheapest Cruise Vacation Packages

Finding the Cheapest Cruise Vacation Packages

Hey, I understand.  In these economic times, most people don’t cruise-shop for the most extravagant cruise, the one that hits the most ports, or the one with the biggest liners. They go for the one that offers good quality at the lowest prices. And no one can blame the public for this. So who offers the best overall prices?

As recently as the early 1990s, Premier Cruise Line offered some of the most reasonable cruise prices available. They’d specialized in purchasing older ocean liners and converting them into cruise ships, primarily around the tropics. Premier began transporting scads of people to Disney World and was raking in money like autumn leaves. Disney even allowed them to bring Mickey and Goofy on board as guests to charm the families. But then, alas, Disney initiated its own cruise line and yanked the cartoon characters. Then, to make things worse for Premier, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean began a massive building program of new liners. They grew so large that they could undercut almost any discount cruises Premier put out there. The company finally folded in September of 2000.

There’s one small cruise line left and, at the time of this writing, it still offers the lowest priced package, all things considered. It is the Imperial Majesty Line with its two ships: the Regal Empress and the Ocean Breeze. The prices start at $39 per person per day in the lowest category cabin, and the two-day cruise starts at $45 per day. The ships sail primarily to the Bahamas.

A travel expert claimed recently that of the large cruise lines, the least expensive cruises are offered by Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), and Royal Caribbean. Of course, a few lines such as Celebrity and Princess occasionally compete with a lower priced package, and Costa is a property of Carnival.

Another situation in which any large cruise line can offer rock-bottom rates is on repositioning cruises. This means that when a liner must be repositioned to a different part of the world, the trip for vacationers is offered at a huge discount. A repositioning cruise such as a trans-Atlantic voyage can cost as little as $32 per person per day.

But, aside from situations like that, Carnival, NCL, and Royal Caribbean usually offer the lowest prices. The briefer cruises are often on older ships but you get some incredible deals. And don’t imagine that just because a ship is older, it is shabby or inferior. In many cases, passengers are not even aware that their liner has been in service longer than others. Carnival and NCL now offer three-day cruises for $56 per person per day, and you can get a four-night cruise for about $52 per day. If you do a 7-10 day Mexico or Caribbean cruise, your rate will probably be the lowest of all. However, as the economy improves, expect that rates may go up a bit.

I’m not about to try to compare the overall quality of the …

Cheap Spring Break 2010 Packages For College Students

Cheap Spring Break 2010 Packages For College Students

Cheap spring break packages can be found if you know where to look. The internet, magazines, and flyers pinned to bulletin boards around campus are a great place to start. As with most vacations, research is the key to finding the best deals.

The internet is often your best choice when it comes to finding the best spring break trips. Their are many packages out there, so let’s start with the basics.

1) What is my per person price limit? Get together with your friends and agree on a max. per person price you are willing to pay for your spring break vacation. This will eliminate many options right from the start. Don’t forget to factor in spending money while your there. Many students make the mistake of not adding their food allowance and general spending money into the max. price and find that they are broke half way through the trip.

2) Pick a destination. Keep in mind that spring break destinations that are far away typically cost more. It goes back to the old saying “cheaper to walk than drive, cheaper to cruise than fly”. While not always the case, this holds true in most cases. College spring break students in California may find that it’s cheaper to fly to Hawaii instead of the Bahamas, while east coasters typically choose the Caribbean if they want to keep cost down. A happy medium is often a cruise package. For example, students can cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas for a fraction of what it cost to fly to the Bahamas. The bad news is that this does not hold true for west coast students cruising to Hawaii. This is largely due to the fact that the Bahamas not very far off the coast of Florida. California to Hawaii is a much greater distance which means more fuel and in turn higher cost. Depending on the package, it can sometimes be cheaper to fly from California to Florida and take a ship to the Bahamas.

3) Decide on what type of package you want. Does everyone want to drive to a spring break destination, cruise, or fly? Do they want an all-inclusive package that includes airfare/cruise ticket, hotel accommodations, food, drinks, club entry, etc…? Would they prefer a semi-inclusive package that includes only airfare/cruise ticket and hotel accommodations? Most college spring break students prefer an all-inclusive package. They don’t want to worry about how much they will need while on the trip, however, they are typically turned off by the high price of full all-inclusive packages. It’s very important to keep in mind that each person can often spend as much or more if they buy food, drinks, and everything else separately. If your group plans on eating at fancy restaurants and hitting the clubs every night, it may be wiser to pay for everything up front and go with an all-inclusive plan. If everyone has decided to eat at fast food restaurants(not recommended) the whole time then the …