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Travel Insurance: Sun, Sand and Sickness

Travel Insurance: Sun, Sand and Sickness

Travel insurance is probably one of the most confusing types of insurance around. Numerous clauses, sub-clauses and a myriad of little stipulations make for a very complicated policy, which nevertheless is very important for any holiday-maker.

People going on holiday tend to adopt an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude and, hopefully, it won’t. But nobody is immune to ill-health or robbery, and baggage loss can happen to the best of us. So, for sheer peace of mind, it’s worth looking into travel insurance when booking your trip.

The medical aspect of a travel insurance policy is probably the most important and the most needed. Far more people fall ill abroad than you’d think, and the cost of OTC medication can be extortionate abroad as well as at home. Even contracting a simple stomach bug can cost you dearly. And if you need to be hospitalised in a foreign country, you could find yourself deeply out of pocket – most countries don’t have an equivalent to the NHS.

It’s important to remember that most travel insurance policies won’t cover you for any problems related to pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer, especially if you haven’t mentioned these to your insurer when taking out the policy. Like any other type of insurance, omitting details on application can result in claims being refused, so make sure you tell them everything. This also goes for any dependents who are travelling with you; their medical history needs to be disclosed, but if the holiday is cut short because of a pre-existing condition it’s unlikely you’ll be reimbursed. Pregnancy, although technically a pre-existing condition, will normally be covered as long as you will be less than 28 weeks pregnant by the end of your trip (24 weeks for a multiple pregnancy). This restriction can vary between insurers, so always check your policy.

If you lose your possessions on holiday, your insurer will normally only pay out if you had taken reasonable care of them; if you had left them unattended you will be seen as negligent and claims will normally be refused. Likewise, if you leave any valuables unattended in your hotel room, vehicle or mobile home, and they are stolen, you may not be able to claim. If possible, keep your valuables in a room or hotel safe, or keep them on your person.

If your holiday has to be cancelled, there are some situations you will not be covered for. If you cancel simply because you decide not to go, for example because of a relationship break-up, you won’t be refunded. If your holiday is cancelled by the hotel, or if you have an accident or unforeseen emergency at home, most insurers will refund the costs you have paid so far, plus any cancellation fees due. Again, check your policy first to see what is and isn’t covered.

When you look for a travel insurance policy, don’t just go on price alone. Annual travel insurance may work out cheaper, but …

Families Vacations – Play Together Stay Together

Families Vacations – Play Together Stay Together

Choosing where to spend your family vacation can be difficult. Families need to think about what will be best for all members. Teenagers may find the thrill of whitewater rafting exciting, but a younger child might have more fun at Disney World. Parents may enjoy visiting historic museums, but some children may not.

Families who enjoy being outdoors might find the quiet and reserved atmosphere of an art museum boring. By the same token, families who prefer the arts would find the dust, noise and smells of a working ranch intolerable. What ever your family preferences are there are family vacation spots that will be just perfect for you.

Here are some places of interest to help get you started.

On the West Coast, Los Angeles and San Diego, are considered hot vacation spots. Museums, renowned zoos and theme parks along with historic and cultural sites guarantee that there is something for every family. In addition, many California attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm and Hollywood’s Universal Studios are great all-day fun.  

Florida, the Sunshine state has as much to offer. The Everglade National Park offers walking tours and camping among other daily activities. Busch Gardens touts thrill seeking rides and exotic animal exhibits. Theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studio’s Orlando provide thrill seeking adventures.

Texas, the Lone Star State has national parks, the Ft Worth zoo, San Antonio’s aquarium and Arlington’s Six Flags Over Texas amusement park. Texas also provides a real cowboy experience when you vacation at a Dude Ranch, where horseback riding, rounding up the cattle or just observing will create life-time memories.

Located in the Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee has long been a choice vacation spot for honeymoons and romantic get-a way’s. The Nashville Zoo, Christmas Village and many theme parks abound in Tennessee. Water attractions and historic villages round out the vacation choices available.

Many people never consider Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin to be a vacation spot. With riding stables, indoor water parks, snow skiing and museums Wisconsin has a lot to offer. Cascade Mountain, Kalahari and Canyon Creek provide outdoor enthusiasts with fun in the sun.   

Las Vegas is usually touted as a vacation destination for adults. However there are many family oriented activities such as Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Museum and The World’s Greatest Magic Show.

Salt Lake City, Utah, home to the Clark Planetarium and the Hogle Zoo is a family-friendly vacation spot. With Aerospace museums, dinosaur parks and many historical areas of interest, Utah will provide your family with a unique and enjoyable vacation.

Boston, Massachusetts may be known for beans, seafood and shopping but there is so much more to this busy metropolis than meets the eye.  Aquariums, a zoo, a natural history museum and historical landmarks will keep every family member happy.

The jewel of the Pacific Northwest is Seattle, Washington. In addition to the Seattle Space Needle, Washington boasts of an aquarium, a zoo and many museums. The Museum of Flight is an attraction for all ages. …

Cheap Cruises To The Most Exotic Destinations

Cheap Cruises To The Most Exotic Destinations

Everyday life can be mundane, stressful, and boring. That’s why it’s a good idea to get away from it all whenever possible to recharge, recoup energy, and relax. One of the best ways to enjoy a getaway and have fun on a vacation is to go on a cruise. Cruises are usually the most affordable way to vacation, especially because there are so many cheap cruises available.

A large cruise ship is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in life. It is hard to describe the experience until it happens. When on a cruise, travelers get to enjoy many different aspects of vacationing that normally only happen separately. For example, vacationers enjoy the water and waves of cruising along the ocean, eat the delicious food of a wonderful hotel, and visit countless destinations along the way.

An exotic cruise vacation allows vacationers to enjoy every port of call and the unique experiences each destination has to offer. With everything handled by an experienced crew and staff of professionals, visitors simply have to sit back, relax, and have a lot of fun. A cruise is the most stress-free way to vacation.

It isn’t too difficult to find good cheap cruises. The major cruise lines tend to offer great deals at certain times of the year, and for those who know how to work the system, it’s even possible to find deals that provide a quality cruise for an affordable price. Searching for cruise deals and booking online is the surefire way to find something inexpensive.

Using an online search site that caters to people looking for cheap cruises is probably the best way to go. The Internet has made it possible to find the best deals available at any given moment without having to leave the comfort of home or office. This makes planning a vacation extremely easy, and simplifies the process from start to finish.

Online booking systems are convenient and reliable, and perfect for those who know the ropes of finding and booking a cruise vacation online. Cheap cruises allow people with a smaller vacation budget to enjoy an exotic vacation and create memories that will last a lifetime. As long as the booking site is trustworthy, anyone can find a great vacation for an affordable price.

The Cruise Vacation Center is the ultimate online destination for savvy travelers in search of the best cheap cruises available to the public. The website makes it easy to find and book a vacation, and do it all in a matter of minutes. The site is considered one of the most reliable in the industry so there is no need to worry about making vacation plans through the system. They offer superior customer service and care.…

How To Get Lowest Airfares deals

How To Get Lowest Airfares deals

If you are planning to go out of town on a vacation or business meet and worried about the increased airfares as you are on a tight budget then go through this article it will surely help.
Here are 8 primitive tips for air travelers to help you get low value airfares on your next departure.

1. Flexibility

Be flexible with your voyage dates and always prepare before time. Air getaway receipted prices are dynamic and depend on stipulate and stock.

2. Know the Air Market

Monitor the airfares on your desired airline, find out the available fare. Get an intuition for ‘merit’ for your airline receipt – you can do this by logging onto the chief online tour agents and experimenting with journey dates. There is a new generation of websites, which can predict airfare pricing on a road, and help you find the best time to buy, although they are generally restricted to analyzing domestic flights currently.

3. Know the Season

Fly during period of the year with excluding query – the ‘off-acme’ and ‘shoulder’ seasons. Avoid moving at peak time of the year. This should get you a cheaper airline permit.

4. Choose Your Day and Time

Flights leaving between Tuesday and Thursday cultivate to be cheaper due to junior inquire and thus better availability of lower fares. Very early morning or late dusk flights are less active and could suggest you a better airfare trade. Or show an inconvenient overnight ‘red-eye’ getaway that many travelers forestall.

5. Holidays

Try not to fly just before, or just after major holidays – these are some of the busiest speedy living of the year and you will pay a severe premium to trek at this time.

6. Beware Restrictions

Some airlines still presume the infamous Saturday night live restriction. Many fare tariffs have a 30-day limit lodge restriction. Break the system and you are looking at significantly more posh air getaway label prices.

7. Make the Connection

Routes with a change of smooth at a connecting airport are often cheaper than non-pause
flights. Airlines are ready to pay you to fly a more inconvenient route.

8. Use a Low-Cost Hub City

If flying into Europe, fly into an account hub like London and continue your journey on the account carriers like Ryan air, Easy jet and Air Berlin. The resources airlines tend to function out of London Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.
If airborne to Asia, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur both offer good international connections with low-cost Air Asia. Consider new account long-haul hauler Air Asia X which connects Asia and Australia and UK.…

Exotic And Affordable: Jamaica Vacation Packages

Exotic And Affordable: Jamaica Vacation Packages

The island of Jamaica is rapidly becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean.  With an atmosphere as vibrant as the reggae music for which the island is famous, Jamaica has everything a tropical island should have.  Endless white sand beaches, soaring misty blue mountains, jungles and rivers, miles and miles of hiking and equestrian trails, and marvelous dining. 

With so much to see and do in Jamaica, purchasing a Jamaica vacation package is your best way of ensuring that you spend your time enjoying the attractions instead of trying to decide where you will stay and what you will do next.  Simply ask your travel agent to provide you with information on the different Jamaica vacation packages available depending on whether you are traveling by yourself, as a newlywed on a honeymoon, with your family, or with friends.

If you are planning a honeymoon in Jamaica, for example, consider the Tropical Wedding Package.  This wedding package will provide you and your beloved seven unforgettable nights at Coral Cove, one of Jamaica’s premier resorts on Little Bay, just a few miles south of Negril.   You’ll stay in one of the resort’s villas, the Starlight, the Starbright, or the Doctorbird.  The Tropical Wedding Package, if you wish, will also provide a Jamaican official who can actually marry you during your stay on the island.

If you are heading to Jamaica for a romantic getaway, one excellent Jamaican vacation package is the Love Romance Package.  You will again have your choice of a stay at the Coral Cove’s Starlight, Doctorbird, or Starbright Villas, where you will be greeted with a fresh flower bouquet, chilled champagne, and fresh fruit.  You be welcomed with a special gift from the Coral Cove Resort.

You will also receive in your Love Romance Jamaica vacation package a 60-minute couple’s massage, a guided tour of Little Bay, and candlelight dinners at your choice of Coral Cove’s restaurants.  If you would like a more active Jamaica vacation package, consider booking a Local Tour package.

A Local Tour Jamaica vacation package will include accommodations at one of the islands beach resorts, as well as all your meals, snacks, and drinks.  It will also cover the fees for a variety of water sports including scuba diving, and greens fees at one of Jamaica’s magnificent golf courses.

During your Local Tour package, your resort will let you sample the best Jamaican drinks, and Caribbean rum.  Some of these local tours can arrange your wedding, while others are designed for families with kids.  The family resort RIU Ocho Rios offers Jamaica vacation packages designed for families, including all meals and snacks.  Your room will have a minibar, and your tour package will include beach activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, and sailing.…

Cheap Airfare and Student Discounts

Cheap Airfare and Student Discounts

For the college student finding the money to travel can be somewhat problematic. Anyone who’s been a poor college student know what this is all about but sometimes the opportunity to travel is important enough to override even the most budget conscious of college goers. But with money tight it is important to find cheap airfare and student discounts anytime you do try to travel.

Fortunately the vast majority of airlines do offer discounts for college students. How much the discount is is dependent on the airline and the type of deals they offer. In some instances airlines have been known to discount the student rate up to 70 percent off their normal price.

There are in fact many travel companies that offer discounted airfares and trips aimed at college students. In most cases these packages are not that flexible when it comes to choosing travel dates because the trip is part of a larger package set up just for students. There can be restrictions on round-trips and how many days between departure and return flights as part of these special packages.

Another good place to look are websites that specialize in student travel and discounted airfares. They specialize in one-way destination student airline tickets because many students are looking for this type of deal as they are unsure of when they may be returning. You can find a return trip option on many sites that provide a discount on an open ended schedule. This allows the student the opportunity to choose a return date after they have reached their destination.

Many of these websites are members only for students and they sell only to students who provide a valid student-ID. By becoming a member of this type of travel service one can find even bigger savings on airline tickets. These savings may change from month to month and can be dependent on when and where you wish to travel.

If you are attending college it can pay to know where to find cheap airfare and student discounts. By doing a little research you can easily find travel bargains that meet even the tightest of student budgets.…

Lima Vacation: Top Things To Do In Peru'S City Of Kings

Lima Vacation: Top Things To Do In Peru'S City Of Kings

When tourists plan a vacation to Peru they tend to skip over Lima. Instead of planning a Lima vacation they’ll look at Cuzco with Machu Picchu nearby, or the Amazon jungles of Iquitos to satisfy touristic curiosity. Lima isn’t even given a second thought. For tourists Lima is simply used as a stop-off point at the international airport before heading off to the more publicized attractions that Peru has to offer.

There is a fog that hangs over Lima for most of the year which seems to cover the tourist’s eyes from seeing what hides beyond. When a person gets past the smog and the bustle of nearly 10 million inhabitants on its crowded streets, one finds a gem of cultural history going back to times when the Inca Empire ruled the country and afterwards the Spanish conquistadors.

Lima was known to the Spaniards as the “City of Kings” and was the capital city of Spanish South America. The Incas made Lima a major part of their Empire, who had trading routes going from Cuzco to Lima. There are still colonial buildings and remnants of ancient civilizations in Lima. The city also offers a wide variety of Peruvian food, dance, theater, art and culture.

When planning a vacation to Peru consider taking a Lima vacation to experience another flavor of this mystical land.

There are two main areas in Lima that are of interest to the tourist:

Historic Center of Lima and Downtown Lima

The historic center of Lima is a UNESCO World Heritage site which includes a number of things of interest to the tourist. The Plaza de Armas, or Plaza Major (Main Square), is the central focus of Lima. This was a part of the Spanish Inquisition after Inca rule and is now a place to take a stroll and see the magnificent colonial architecture that the Historic Center has to offer. On the four sides of the Plaza de Armas stand the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and City Hall. For a small fee you can be taken around the Square in a horse-pulled buggy.

Many of the old buildings have beautiful balconies that were once famously used by the Tapadas, the covered women of Lima, who elegantly wore clothing that covered everything but their eyes.

The Iglesia de San Francisco is a remarkable church that is most famous for the catacombs beneath it that hold the skeletal remains of 25,000 people who were laid to rest during the 16th and 19th centuries. No Lima vacation would be complete without a visit. The Museo de Arte has exhibits of ancient and modern Peruvian art.

Take a stroll just off the Plaza de Armas to discover a wide variety of restaurants offering some of the finest Peruvian cuisine, which is considered to be one of the best in the world holding several Guinness World Records. Handicraft stores sell a wide assortment of souvenirs at very reasonable prices and of high quality.

The Plaza de Acho bullfighting …

Review Of Convention Expo Travel A Great Company For Convention Housing

Review Of Convention Expo Travel A Great Company For Convention Housing

My name   is Sam King and since 1998 I have been traveling the globe for work and leisure. The idea for this blog came from  my desire  to share my opinions and experiences on the best the travel market has to offer. Keep an eye out for me and as I will  be constantly  sharing  my personal experiences on hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, tourist stops, airline and everything travel related. In the US and  across the globe.  

Today I want to talk about Convention Expo Travel. They are located in Henderson N.V and they are without a doubt a good bunch of people. I have heard the opposite so I wanted to check it out for myself and I decided to look into them. I convinced myself to book 2 rooms just to see what would actually happen.

 I called and asked for a sales person, I got a receptionist who took all my information and asked me 20 questions. This made me wonder why I needed to be grilled to talk to sales however I wanted to find out if they could beat my price on the hotel we wanted and if they would actually  come through.

 I gave all my information and waited about 10 min and a sales person called me back. His name was jack and he was very polite and he listened and again had to call me back as he needed to check a few things. I figured I would not hear from him as I assumed they only sell what they have and would not go out of their way for a call in customer . These guys usually deal with businesses traveling to conventions and I figured I had no chance of getting them to help me if if they could. 

Well within 2 hours Jack called me back with my exact choice. I wanted the Marriott and I got it. The price was about 12 dollars a night less not the 25 I had expected based on the pitch I got from the receptionist however I was ready for step 2 and I told jack to book it.. Jack said he needed a credit card form from me, and he could not just book the room. I accepted, filled out the form and then I sent it back hoping for the best. 

I got an e mail from Convention Expo Travel at the end of the same day informing me of my hotel , dates, and all the things I had agreed upon with jack.   

I checked in with no issues and actually saved about 15% on the entire trip. The staff was friendly helpful. I called a week before to confirm with the hotel and everything was just as promised. I have called for jack for 2 other bookings and each time he got me what i wanted. One city he could not accommodate but he found me something much less expensive that we all loved. Convention Expo Travel is …

The Three Most Visited Cities in America

The Three Most Visited Cities in America

America is undoubtedly one of the prime countries in the world. It has fifty five states that tourists can visit. But the top three most visited cities have rightly earned their ranks.

The whole of America is widely occupied with many tourists all throughout the year. Yet there are notable three cities garnering the highest rates of visitors. And these cities have all the good reasons to be in the top three positions. They are Las Vegas in Nevada, Los Angeles in California, and Orlando in Florida.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Have a taste of the city’s legendary neon nights, fantastic color of sunsets and sunrises in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the beautiful Alan Bible Botanical Garden, the historical Hoover Dam and the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Of course, the most famous is the Strip in Las Vegas.

You can reserve a room in one of the cheapest hotels here called Palace Station Hotel and Casino. This way, you can save some extra penny for your casino deals. The rooms are sprawled in their 21-storey tower. Each air conditioned room is equipped with cable or satellite TV, a hair dryer, desk, iron with board, pay movies, climate control, Internet and blackout drapes They also have a refrigerator (upon request) and an alarm clock.

The hotel also offers pools, tubs, a sundeck, fitness room, bars, and casinos. There are recreational areas available for rental near the hotel as well. Outdoor activities include golf, tennis, horse riding, biking, hiking, and helicopter sightseeing.

Los Angeles, California

Feel like a star and visit the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles, California. The city offers not only the famous “Hollywood” escapade but also a number of fun and recreational places. These include scenic drives, skate parks, dog parks and salons as well as urban adventures and extreme sports areas. They also have beaches, “picture perfect” views, great hiking trails and they offer outdoor sports activities like ocean kayaking, golfing, sailing, horseback riding and many more.

The city offers a number of arts and culture venues as well as a lot of museums showcasing Science, Maritime, History, Hollywood stars and even fossil excavations. Aside from this, Los Angeles is also known for its night life activities ranging from parties, comedy shows, music, and dinner cruises.

Stay overnight in one of the cheapest hotels in the city, the Clarion Hotel. Although a night stay in this hotel is quite low, starting from $66, the hotel has a 3 star rating. This means that you still get a good deal, comfort and cost combined.

This hotel is located in West Olympic Blvd. It features an outdoor pool, sundeck, business center, pool, handicap facilities and a banquet hall. Each guest room has an air conditioning unit, a refrigerator, coffee maker and hair dryer along with iron with boards, spacious work places and a personal electronic safe (additional fees apply) .

The hotel is located near downtown L.A. It is very near the city’s …

Low Cost Airfares From Delhi To Bangalore

Low Cost Airfares From Delhi To Bangalore

When you think of commuting from Delhi to Bangalore on a low budget then the first thing that comes in your mind is to book train tickets. But now with the reduced airfare for the flights from Delhi to Bangalore, it is possible to travel to by air without going over budget. The cheap Delhi to Bangalore airfares has made it possible for people to book flight tickets and commute easily from Delhi to Bangalore.

If you wish to visit Bangalore for a holiday and need to plan your trip Delhi to Bangalore then you are no more dependent on a travel agent for the same. It is easy search for flights from Delhi to Bangalore and then selects the flight that offers the best Delhi to Bangalore airfares. You can now learn about the flights from Delhi to Bangalore easily from your home or your office or from anywhere. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to learn everything you need to know about your trip from Delhi to Bangalore.

One can now plan his Delhi to Bangalore holiday easily and at anytime of the day. He can connect to the internet, log on to the website and search for flights from Delhi to Bangalore. He can compare the Delhi to Bangalore airfares also and then choose the flight that offers the lowest fair. He can opt for low budget flights or look for opt for the premier flights offering discount on Delhi to Bangalore airfares.

If you are planning to visit Bangalore soon then you can plan your journey from Delhi to Bangalore with the help of Delhibangalore.com. The website can help you to learn about the different flights from Delhi to Bangalore and also help you know about their fares. Once you have browsed through the available Delhi to Bangalore flights, you can check the Delhi to Bangalore airfares along with the flight timings. This way you can learn about the cheap flights and book any of those for your travel. It is a safe and convenient to buy your air tickets for Delhi to Bangalore flights, which helps you save your travel time.

The website can not only help you to buy cheap air ticket in advance but can help even in case of a last moment travel plans. They can inform the passengers about the discounted Delhi to Bangalore flights that they may travel economically.…