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Tips for Cheap Air Fare to London

Tips for Cheap Air Fare to London

It’s hard to imagine that you can get cheap air fare to London. This is a prime destination point for business and leisure trips. You can hardly expect such a sought-after location to come cheap. There may however, still be some ways to get discount tickets to London.

Air Fare Specialists

One of the most popular ways to get cheap air fare to London is to get tickets from air fare specialists. There are now many online companies that specialize in consolidating and offering cheaper airfare options. You are guaranteed to get a few dollars off from most of these sites. Different sites however, have slightly different rates. You should consider more than just one air fare site and compare their rates to get the best deal.


It is a fact that the name of an airline carrier has a bearing on ticket price. If you want cheaper fares, then you can simply choose a lesser known airline carrier. They would of course have cheaper fares. Otherwise, even their limited number of customers wouldn’t consider flying with them. Be prepared though, cheaper tickets from these airlines will also give you what you paid for. Cheap airlines do not have the same amenities, benefits and services as popular airlines.

Trip Schedule

You can get cheap air fare to London if you travel on days that aren’t in demand. It is almost certain that weekends, specifically Saturdays are peak times for London trips. You get a better chance of getting cheap tickets from Monday to Thursday. Airlines cut ticket prices on these days to encourage more travelers to buy tickets. This scheme though means that you have to be flexible with you plans for travel to and from London.

Travel Seasons

Aside from considering your day travel schedule, you should also consider your month of travel. London will be a top tourist destination on certain times of the year. These are usually summer and the holidays. You can therefore expect high rates from July to August and on the last two weeks of December. The best time to travel to London is off peak season from January to March. Tickets on these months are definitely cost less than the usual.

Early Booking

Planning your trip way ahead of time will help you save on tickets. Airlines give discounts to passengers who book months in advance. Some airlines will allow as much as 9 months booking in advance. If you can manage to plan this much early, then you can surely cut your fare prices.


Most airlines have regular promos. You might be able to save total costs if you book with a group. There may also be discounts if you buy round-trip tickets. Always check with the specific airline though, there might be some variations to this well-known general promo. There may also be some special London promos. Keep your senses alert for airline contests that could win you discounts or free tickets.

Finding cheap air fare to London may …

Finding Cheap International Air Fare

Finding Cheap International Air Fare

Many people spend a good part of their life dreaming of visiting foreign lands. Their vision of visiting exotic places and meeting new people is always there but for one little problem in the back of their mind: The Cost. How on earth are they going to pay for such a trip? There’s so much planning and cost involved and just when they think they have it figured out the problem of paying just to get there raises its ugly head. If they could just find a cheap international air fare all the pieces would fall into place.

Of course what is cheap for one person may not be for another so in a sense this can be a subjective issue. But the fact remains that finding a good deal requires the same research tactics no matter who you are, it just up to the individual to decide whether the price they found is a good deal for them.

Because air fare prices are quite volatile and can change daily it can pay big savings to get as many different price quotes as possible. The point of this is simple, with so many airlines and travel sites vying for your travel dollars your chances of finding a deal are greatly enhanced if you can check all your options. Which options should you keep your eye out for? Here are some tips and trick to help you find a cheap international air fare.

One of the biggest ways to save on international flights is to travel during the off-peak seasons. During the height of peak vacation season airlines charge a high premium for their flights because the demand is there. Do a little research into your chosen destination and find out when the off-peak season is and chances are you will find some pretty good ticket deals.

You can also save money if you buy your tickets far enough in advance of your travel date, or at least to a point. If you try to purchase a ticket on an international flight more than 4 months before the flight you will most likely be charged the premium rate for that seat. The best time to look for cheap air fares are between 4 months out up around 14 to 21 days before you’re scheduled to leave. Airlines normally raise their prices significantly 14 days before a flight because by then most people who are traveling are set in their plans and will pay the premium price.

A last couple things to consider are flying into an alternate airport or trying one of the many discount airlines that are now starting to fly international flights. These are two more ways to save money when flying internationally.

Finding cheap international air fare can be done, you just have to do your research and know where to look. Once you know these things you will find you can travel and save money at the same time.…