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Hotels Near Disneyland California

Hotels Near Disneyland California

Disneyland is an amusement park located in Anaheim, California. It is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It is a great place to enjoy and spend vacation.

I would like to provide you the list of some hotels which are located near to Disneyland in California.

1. Stovall’s Best Western Park Place Inn and Mini-Suites
Stovall’s Best Western Park Place Inn and Mini-Suites is located in Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California. It is an affordable and convenient hotel which is located across the street from Disneyland. The facilities such as fridge, microwave, high speed internet access, laundry and breakfast are provided in room itself.

2. Hilton Anaheim
Hilton Anaheim is located in Convention Way in Anaheim, California. The visitors are provided the facilities of restaurant, onsite marketplace, health club, spa, safety and security team in the hotel itself. This hotel is at a short drive from John Orange Country airport, Los Angeles International airport and Long Beach airport. They also provide amenities such as high speed internet access, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, television, Hilton Serenity bed, remodeled bathrooms and digital connectivity panel for electric devices to the guests.

3. Pepper Tree Hotel
Hotel Pepper Tree is an extended stay boutique hotel in Anaheim, California located near to the Disneyland. It is equipped with kitchen suites, breakfast, wireless internet, meeting facilities, a pool and exciting getaway packages. The rooms over here are very clean, spacious, and have private balconies.

4. Desert Palms Hotel and Suites
Desert Palms Hotel and Suites is located in the heart of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The guest rooms are spacious as well as comfortable where guest can relax. They provide various facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gift shops, oasis café, laundry, fitness center, hot tub, free internet, breakfast and free parking.

5. The Anabella Hotel
The Anabella Hotel is an old California Spanish mission-style hotel. It is located near to Anaheim Convention Center Campus. After spending whole day in Disneyland you can relax at night in this hotel. Other attraction of Anabella includes Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, and Knott’s Berry Farm.

6. Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites
Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites is situated in South Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California. It is a great place for fun and excitement. They provide facilities such as 24 hour front desk, garden, non smoking rooms, elevator, safety deposit box, heating, and air conditioning.

All these Anaheim hotels are all located at a small distance from Disneyland.…

California Disneyland Hotels

California Disneyland Hotels

California Disneyland Hotels

California is a land where you can find the varied landscapes like the sandy beaches of the pacific coast along with the snow-capped mountain range of Sierra Nevada. Such a land of diversities is one of the most happening places in the United States and by and large the most populace state as well. The face of California changed drastically with the onset of gold rush, which changed the economic status, and incoming of the population. The state grew in all facets recently progressing in computers and information technology. Moreover Los Angeles is the hub of entertainment industry along with tourism growing at fast rate. There are mountain peaks, famous national parks and several fresh water lakes, which are essential habitat for migratory birds.

California has strategic importance in the field of economy, which is evident from the fact that it has Silicon Valley, world famous film industry Hollywood, the California Central Valley, wine producing regions and mining of borax. Transportation in California is well maintained having widespread highways, expressways and freeways. The Golden Gate Bridge is the popular tourist attraction for its scenic beauty. People in California love to drive car, which result in thousands of car running on the road. With two international airports and scores of commercial airports and general aviation airports in the state traveling can be done comfortably and at ease.

The description of California without the Disneyland Park can never be complete. “Here you leave today and enter The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy”. This is the commemorative inscription written on the entrance of the Disneyland Park the popular tourist attraction of California since 1955. It is not only made for children but is a complete family entertainment in it there is lot much to see and enjoy. When we enter this park we find Disney characters welcoming people, talking with them, dancing with children and posing with them for photographs. There are Parades, fireworks along with Disney songs and various presentations through fireworks hold you spellbound. Disneyland since its establishment has gone through many changes but one thing never changed and that is its trains in Disneyland, which encircle the whole area. A joy ride not that is not only meant for children but also for grownups. There are theatres, to view some of the Disney’s creation, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, frontierland, Mickey’s Toontown, special restaurants, cafeterias and refreshment centers along with resort for boarding and lodging. Disneyland is a place, which will take you to an entirely different world for the moment you will experience a complete transformation in you away from hustle and bustle and tensions.

Amidst the Disneyland California you will find many hotels which will give you the best shot of the place. But don’t forget to make prior reservations that will save you of the last minute hassles in this place. Many hotels offer the best of services and food for which you have to pay reasonably. Some of the general facilities provided by the hotels …

Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland – How To Find Them

Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland – How To Find Them

If you are planning a family vacation, there is no better place to visit than Disneyland! With the economy the way it is and a recession looming we are always looking for ways to save some money. The good news is that the recession has made it easier to find Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland.

If you are looking for a hotel you should start by visiting travel websites on the internet. There are many of these sites available and some of them will offer better rates than others. Sometimes these rates can change from day to day. If you have time you should start watching the rates daily a couple months before you trip. If you do this you will be able to make a quick decision when you do find a good rate.

If you can it is smart to wait till the last minute with travel sites as well. Often times these sites will purchase a block of room and if they haven?t sold them by the date that they need to then they may sell them for a cheaper price. The internet travel site may have to take a bit of a loss on the room; however it works out great for you, if you are looking for Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland.

If you need to rent a car or purchase airline tickets in addition to your hotel room, then internet travel sites can be a helpful tool. Many of these sites make it easy and convenient to package your vacation accommodations and purchase everything in one place. When you package your rental car, hotel room and flights you will often get a bit of a discount.

If you live near Anaheim, California area then you may want to wait to book a room until you get to Disneyland. Sometimes you can get a better rate by walking in at the last minute. This is especially true if it is a slow weekend for the hotel.

Stop in several hotels once you arrive in Anaheim. Remember that hotel room prices are not set in stone. Many times you can negotiate a fantastic rate just by telling the manager that you have been offered a better price down the street. Be realistic, because the manager of a 4 star hotel will likely know that you are not going to get a room for $40.00 that is comparable to his rooms.

Another thing that you can do, if you are looking for Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland, is contact a travel agent. A travel agent will look around and negotiate a good price on a hotel. A travel agent can also help you to make other travel arrangements such as airline tickets and rental cars.

Remember that finding a great rate on a hotel should not be difficult. Don?t stress yourself out about trying to find a Disneyland hotel. Shop around until you find a hotel that you believe is a fair price. When you do find a good price …

Usa Tours – Sun, Sand & Disneyland!

Usa Tours – Sun, Sand & Disneyland!

USA is a complete travel destination with something for everyone. If you thought USA was only about skyscrapers, industries and a fast and modern lifestyle, think again. In addition to these attractions, USA tours also involve nature, wildlife, fun and frolic. The capital of USA is Washington D.C. It is a vital part of many cheap USA tours. Also, the rise of low cost airlines has also made it possible for people to enjoy cheap USA tours and cheap New York packages.

New York is very popular among tourists for its urban culture. It also has the distinction of being USA’s largest city and one of the fashion capitals of the world and is quite and expensive place according to most world travel guide. This is the reason people opt for cheap New York packages. Among New York’s prime attractions are Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to name a few.

USA tours are incomplete without a visit to Florida – one of America’s most loved tourist destinations. Florida is home to fabulous beaches and also cities like Miami and Orlando. Miami international flights are conducted by several airlines of the world. The airport serving the city is known as Miami International Airport. It is here that all Miami international flights land. Apart from Sun and sand, there is also Disneyland to enjoy in Florida. The original Disneyland is in California. The one in Orlando is known as Disney World, which houses theme parks, water parks, resorts and restaurants. Indeed, it is the dream of many, especially children to visit this land of limitless fun!

Many world travel guides also recommend USA tours for movie buffs. Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA, is where all the incredible Hollywood films are made. A large number of premiers and ward shows like the upcoming Academy Awards 2008, are held in Hollywood each year. Like every year, the Academy Awards 2008 will be held in the Kodak Theatre of Hollywood. Apart from Hollywood, LA plays host to the rich and famous and is known for its luxurious residences. Some of the places to watch out for while in Hollywood include Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Hollywood Wax Museum, Walk of Fame, and the like.

San Francisco is another attraction in California and several tourists come here to see the Golden Gate Bridge. This photogenic city has lots more to discover like Palace of Fine Arts, Coit Tower, Treasure Island, San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz Island, Alamo Square Park, and Fisherman’s Wharf, to name a few. Another city not to be missed while enjoying USA tours include Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. Many world travel guides regard it as the entertainment capital of the world. And indeed, it is. There are lots to places to gamble at and several shows with interesting themes to watch out for. Casinos are as common as water in Las Vegas. The Bellagio …

Compare Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood For Your SoCal Vacation

Compare Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood For Your SoCal Vacation

Imagine you’re taking a vacation to Southern California and realize you don’t have enough time to visit all of the seven world-class theme parks. What do you do? Given how much there is to see and experience in So Cal, this is not such a far-fetched dilemma.

First of all, can you name the major theme parks? It’s like naming the Seven Dwarves or Santa’s reindeer. There’s Disneyland (plus California Adventure, a worthy park in its own right), Knott’s Berry Farm (the oldest of the parks), Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World and Legoland (for the little ones).

The first thought would be to hit Disneyland Resort; after all, who doesn’t want to visit the original Magic Kingdom? But there’s a good chance that you’ve already been to Disneyland and maybe you should broaden your horizons-try something new. So let us do a brief comparison between Disneyland and one of the most likely alternatives, say Universal Studios Hollywood (USH).

USH has a distinct personality and offers an experience you won’t find in Anaheim. The theme park was built around a working studio and one of the defining features is the Studio Tour. You can also purchase a VIP tour that really immerses you in the movie-making process. Disney offers nothing comparable to this.

In fact Disney is all about carefully creating and maintaining that fantasy façade-a wonderful pretend world where backstage activities are hidden from the “guests.” Universal Studios revels in showing you the magic behind the scenes. The Studio Tour, Waterworld Stunt Show and other smaller shows let you see back stage very clearly.

Both parks employ lovable characters in the public relations department. Disneyland has the Seven Dwarfs; USH has Ghostbusters. Anaheim has Goofy; Hollywood has Homer Simpson. Disneyland puts up Minnie Mouse and it’s answered by Betty Boop. Disney movies vs. Universal Pictures. There’s Indiana Jones vs. The Mummy’s Revenge.

In Anaheim you’ll catch the evening fireworks and the Fantasmic show; in Hollywood you’ll catch the Blues Brothers tribute show. For shopping, dining and street entertainment there’s Downtown Disney…or there’s Universal City Walk. Overall, Disney probably wins but Universal Studios does give them a run for their money.

Your vacation schedule could affect your decision. You probably need the better part of two days to really see Disneyland. A single long day at USH will most likely do the job unless the lines are really long. You might be frustrated with a single day in Anaheim-especially with Disney’s California Adventure next door (which we aren’t even talking about here). Bottom line: if you really don’t have enough time to do the Magic Kingdom justice, it may be a better call to have a great single day at Universal Studios.

Both parks offer fun for visitors of all ages. But, you’ll not find quite as much at USH for very small children. On a hot summer day, Universal could be tough on toddlers in strollers. They won’t appreciate spending as much time on the tour …