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Looking for Dirt Cheap Airfares – Cheap Discounts for the Savvy Traveler

Looking for Dirt Cheap Airfares – Cheap Discounts for the Savvy Traveler

Taking a vacation to get away from the stress of everyday life is always high on everyone’s list. And if that vacation requires airline travel saving money on tickets is usually a high priority. If you are looking for dirt cheap airfares here are some ideas when it comes to finding cheap discounts for your next trip.

Some of the cheapest airline tickets can be purchased from wholesale dealers and discounters. This is easiest if you simply want a round trip ticket from one destination to another on a certain airline with definite dates. By buying from a ticket discount agency directly you can take advantage the tickets they bought cheaply through wholesalers and consolidators.

Unfortunately most trips require some planning making buying a ticket in this manner a little difficult. This doesn’t mean you can’t find airfares cheap discounts because there is more then one way to save money on airline tickets.

The first place to start looking is the airlines flight and ticket pricing schedules, which they normally publish 6 months or so in advance. If you are planning far enough in advance you can take full advantage of “early bird” specials that all the airlines run. Check the airline websites for special discounts far enough in advance and you stand a good chance of saving a good deal of money on your reservation.

There is an exception to this rule and that involves traveling around major holidays and other high demand travel times. The airlines know the demand will be there so they can charge premium prices for their tickets. The one exception to this is being flexible enough to actually travel on the actual holiday, such as Christmas or New Years day.

Another good way to find dirt cheap airfares is through local carriers. This is particularly true of airlines that serve a certain country or region. You can also check with travel agencies that, again, specialize in a particular destination. They will normally have some form of discount agreement in place with the local airline that allows them to offer discount airfares that cannot be found anywhere else.

Probably the best advice for finding dirt cheap airfares and cheap discounts on travel destinations is to do your research and planning well in advance. There are deals to be had it just takes some digging to find them. But the digging can be well worth, saving you hundreds of dollars off your next business trip or vacation.…

Cheap Airfare and Student Discounts

Cheap Airfare and Student Discounts

For the college student finding the money to travel can be somewhat problematic. Anyone who’s been a poor college student know what this is all about but sometimes the opportunity to travel is important enough to override even the most budget conscious of college goers. But with money tight it is important to find cheap airfare and student discounts anytime you do try to travel.

Fortunately the vast majority of airlines do offer discounts for college students. How much the discount is is dependent on the airline and the type of deals they offer. In some instances airlines have been known to discount the student rate up to 70 percent off their normal price.

There are in fact many travel companies that offer discounted airfares and trips aimed at college students. In most cases these packages are not that flexible when it comes to choosing travel dates because the trip is part of a larger package set up just for students. There can be restrictions on round-trips and how many days between departure and return flights as part of these special packages.

Another good place to look are websites that specialize in student travel and discounted airfares. They specialize in one-way destination student airline tickets because many students are looking for this type of deal as they are unsure of when they may be returning. You can find a return trip option on many sites that provide a discount on an open ended schedule. This allows the student the opportunity to choose a return date after they have reached their destination.

Many of these websites are members only for students and they sell only to students who provide a valid student-ID. By becoming a member of this type of travel service one can find even bigger savings on airline tickets. These savings may change from month to month and can be dependent on when and where you wish to travel.

If you are attending college it can pay to know where to find cheap airfare and student discounts. By doing a little research you can easily find travel bargains that meet even the tightest of student budgets.…