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Travel Europe on a Budget

Travel Europe on a Budget

What would you say if you were told that you could go to Europe on an affordable package? Would you be skeptical? Would you be amused? Or would you be plainly dumbfounded in disbelief?

European travel has always been the most expensive. Most middle class wage earners would need to tighten their belts for several years, scrimping & saving just so they can afford their dream European vacation. Europe represents one of the many fantasies of most people because of its quiet elegance, its romantic sceneries & panoramic views. European countryside is magical & has been the inspiration of many poems & the venue o many love stories. Europe is a great destination for newlyweds on their honeymoons, retirees wanting to get a taste of the good life & just about everybody else looking for a good time. But, Europe is also synonymous with expensive food, expensive hotels, expensive clothes & just about everything else is more expensive in Europe!

Cheap travel Europe gives you an option that would otherwise be unaffordable to many people. Cheap travel Europe takes away the “expensive” in Europe! Cheap travel Europe lets you achieve that fantasy you’ve been cuddling for so long.

If you are planning a romantic getaway, Europe is the ultimate destination! Just think of romantic France & be inspired by French lovers strolling hand-in-hand, kissing & hugging in the streets. Imagine yourself in Venice, having a smooth gondola ride with you husband or wife. Imagine yourself surrounded by the rich history of Ireland & Austria. Get a taste of authentic German beer or Russian vodka & caviar or take a bite of a scrumptious Swiss or Belgian chocolate. Aaaaaaaah, the taste of travel!

Europe offers a wild cornucopia of anything & everything enjoyable. From the vas collection of the world’s greatest art pieces in Italy, to the holy & somber Vatican, to the swinging parties in England and to the Moorish architectures of Spain. All these are up for grabs when you avail of cheap travel Europe.

Take your family with you or your group of friends, plan a victory vacation with your officemates or teammates—avail of the awesome cheap travel Europe package!

Cheap travel Europe is also a great gift to your parents when they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Nothing says “Thank you” better than a long European vacation courtesy of cheap travel Europe.

Cheap travel Europe is a great way to treat yourself after slaving for several years & working nonstop. Take a short break from the demands of a corporate life; take yourself away from the stress & hassle of beating deadlines & just enjoy life for a while. There is nothing better than the European ambiance to ease away all your tensions.

Take advantage of cheap travel Europe! Who says you have to pay full when you can get the same deal at a much lower price! Cheap travel Europe is the best way to do a vacation. Traveling on a budget isn’t that bad, as …

Budget Friendly Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Budget Friendly Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Cabo San Lucas is popular city in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. It is a varied destination which confines the true essence of Baja Peninsula through its various resorts, world class restaurants, championship golf courses and fascinating outdoor activities.

The city prides itself as a hub for cruise ships, sports fishermen, water sport aficionados, nightlife seekers and sport fishermen. Matter of fact, it is now regarded as Mexico’s 2nd fastest growing resort destination. Cabo has become the ultimate destination for those seeking a memorable outdoor adventure.

Cabo has 3 districts. This includes The Corridor, San Jose del Cabo and Can San Lucas. The Corridor pertains to the highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. It is currently lined up with condos, golf courses and resorts throughout its stunning coastline. San Jose del Cabo pertains to the “Old Town” nearest the airport. It features that old Mexican Charm mixed with several new resorts.

As for Cabo San Lucas, it is considered as the “Main Town”. It is about 20 mi. from the airport and even Cabo’s entertainment hub. It has the most famous arch. It is deemed as North America’s hottest party town at night. It features a plethora of dining choices and a glittering nightlife. As an all-time favorite wild party destination throughout the Baja Peninsula, many call it “Cabo San Loco” or plainly “Cabo”.

Cabo San Lucas Activities

Aside from the bustling night scene, there are various activities you can do in this exciting city. This includes many watersports and scuba diving activities as well as cruise adventures, ATV offroad biking, buggy rides and a visit to the Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory.

Scuba diving is a favorite activity in Cabo, especially for those who rarely see the sand fall under the water. For a more relaxing scene, there’s Lover’s Beach and a lot of romantic restaurants to go to afterwards. Some places to consider for scuba diving and other water activities are Cabo Surf Safari (has professional surfing instructors); Picante Bluewater Sports (has yachts that range from 24′-75′ and costs around $600-$2,500); and JT Watersports (offers parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, wave running and sunset cruises to “El Arco” or Lover’s Beach).

Cruise through Cabo San Lucas through Jazz & Wine Tour aboard the Tropicat or via the Reggae Jungle Cruise. Jazz & Wine Tour aboard the Tropicat offers a huge sailing catamaran. Aboard this yacht, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you listen to contemporary Jazz music. They have an international bar serving hor d’ouvres and premium wines. Reggae Jungle Cruise, on the other hand, offers snorkeling and whale watching activities along with continental breakfast and lunch while cruising through 2 different reefs.

For those who want to try an ATV offroad adventure, you can go on guided tours through the desert, sand dunes, beach and the mountains. The price for a half day trip is $85 US, inclusive of a mountain bike or ATV, expert tour guide, rappelling gear, energy bars, rappel instructor, beverages and an air conditioned …

Best Budget Vacation Destinations

Best Budget Vacation Destinations

Who doesn’t love a great vacation? Unfortunately, vacations are as expensive as they are relaxing and fun. Statistics show that with the current economic crunch, fewer and fewer people are spending the money for a vacation. However, vacations can help reduce stress, giving you a valued break from your typical work and home responsibilities. Vacations do not have to be over the top and pricey. Check out this list of the best budget vacation destinations:

Disney World

On the surface, a trip to Disney World seems rather pricey, but if you are close enough to drive or fly there affordably, this is actually a great option. Disney wants to attract families of all sizes, so they have a number of pulled-together vacation packages that include hotel, transportation, and access to the park. You can even find packages that include meal plans and memorabilia allowances! Log onto their website today – and keep an open mind about the prices you see. They seem expensive at first, but do not forget that this is an all-inclusive vacation package – you will not have to spend another dime if you do not want to!

The Appalachian Mountains

If you love vacationing in the mountains, skip an expensive ski trip to the Rockies and consider the Appalachian Mountains in the east. They aren’t nearly as tall and impressive, but the skiing and camping options are still great and you’ll be able to find lodging at a fraction of the cost. The Pocono Mountains, part of the mountain range, found in Pennsylvania, is especially inviting to tourists. Many ski resorts along the entire range convert to water parks in the summertime, so this mountain getaway is great no matter what time of year it may be.

Delaware and Oregon beaches

When you want to go to the beach, you probably immediately think California on the west coast and the Carolinas on the east coast. However, think outside of the box and travel to some of the lesser-known states instead. You’ll find much more affordable deals in states like Oregon and Delaware. For example, you can easily find a peak-season beach house on Delaware’s Dewey or Rehobeth beach for under $1700 a week. When you consider that 10+ people can stay in a large house like those available at these beaches, it is not a bad price at all! The trick is to head to smaller beaches that are fairly close to your home – many of the beaches without boardwalks do not charge a fee to get on the sand. If you are not close to either coast, you can also consider heading to a local lake or river and you will still get that “fun in the sun” feeling, without spending an arm and a leg on traveling.

The Great Lakes Region

People usually think that states like Michigan are cold and do not cater to tourists, but the Great Lake region of the United States is beautiful during the summer. Costs in this …