How to Buy a Cheap Airline Ticket

One of the biggest costs for travelers is airfare. However, it is very hard to find a cheap air ticket these days. The global recession has helped as airlines seek to fill lots of empty seats. Moreover, searching the internet can help you locate hidden cheap offers if you want to search hard enough. There are some secret tips that can help you get cheap airfares if you follow them. Here they some tips that can get you a cheap ticket:

The first thing you should do is book your holiday about two months in advance. The best time to buy is around 8 weeks before you travel as the airlines know you still have chooses to pick from. As an early bird you can get cheap airfare on your ticket. This is because if you book close to your departure date the airline companies know you really need the ticket. If you book really fare in advance, companies might raise or lower fares and they keep fares high in case operating costs go up.

Book a round trip ticket. Round trip tickets are usually less expensive if you book round trip. The airline gives a “discount” to round trip tickets because they know the seats will be filled. Often times the prices are not that much different but it is enough to make buying this ticket a good deal. Sometimes you can get blessed and find one of these tickets a lot cheaper than a one way ticket. In that case, book the round trip but only use one way portion you need.

Avoid weekend travel. Most travelers prefer traveling on the weekend so there is rush during the weekends and airlines increase their prices to reflect the demand. Hence, between Tuesday and Thursday is the best time to book a flight.

Travel with lots of people. A few carriers typically give discounts for groups of 6 or more. The savings can sometimes be substantial and this is a good way to further lower your cost.  Try and take midnight flights. This will help in reduction of cost on ticket as airport tax to land at nights is cheaper than day time.

Additionally, travel into secondary, smaller airports instead of busy airports, which have high landing fees. For example; if you are flying to New York City then it is better to travel to Newark where in you can save $200 instead of going directly into New York City. Major airports charge high landing fees which the airlines then pass on to consumers by way of higher prices. Flying into secondary airports is a great way to avoid this and save money.

Don’t forget to shop around. Not all websites are created equal and you can find a lot of variety online for the same flight. Make sure you look at all the travel websites, including the airlines, before you make a purchase. Don’t just go with your favorite. If you want to get a cheap flight, you have to shop around.

You may not find as many cheap flights as you used to but, if search hard, there are still plenty of cheap tickets to be found. The financial crisis has also helped as many airlines are offering great deals to entice customers to fly. Use this opportunity as well as the tips above to find good deals and fly cheap.