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What You Need To Know About Micro Needling Treatment. Looking stunning is what both men and females want. Staying young and not growing old is what many people wish for. Some people might not have this because of a reason or two. The skin tends to wrinkle and develop fine lines as you age. It is a natural process though many people seek to defy it. A lot of individuals want to maintain a young and youthful looking skin. Many methods can achieve this. This varies from eating a healthy diet to application of creams and lotions. For some people, they consider having surgery done on them to improve their appearance. The method you choose should be safe and give you a surety of beautiful results. It is usually not every person’s dream to have a rough face that is full of blemish. This can be caused by the presence of blemishes and scars caused by pimples. It might be embarrassing for some people when the acne is too much. Micro bleeding is just one of the methods that an individual can use to get a flawless skin. This procedure is a simple thing and can even be done in the comfort of your home though medical practitioner advise against this. Micro needling involves puncturing the skin with small fine needles. The technique and assumption used here is that since the needle injures the skin, it stimulates the production of more collagen which leads to an improved appearance. How deep the needles go into the skin is usually controlled and the punctures made are also very small due to the small size of the needles. There are different types of needles that doctors use for this procedure. The needles could be on a roller or a pen like device that has needles at the tip. All the doctor does is pass this roller or pen over the affected area. The depth of the needles is controlled by a motor often found in rollers. Acne scars and blemishes are best treated using this method. A person with a lot of wrinkles and fine lines can go for this alternative too. Though process sounds very painful, it is not. The pain is that which you can manage. It is almost like other beauty procedures such as waxing and tweezing. The pain can even be lesser.
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It is fortunate that micro needling has minimal side effects. You can only experience puffiness of the face because of the holes made by the needles. Also, during the procedure you might bleed a little. It is important that you get a competent individual to do this procedure since it is very risky if you get it done by a whack. It may lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement of your face.6 Lessons Learned: Skincare