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Understanding How Automated External Defibrillators Work. Rythmic beats in the human heart are facilitated by chemical impulses. These impulses are produced by pacemaker cells that are specially structured to perform that function. Pacemaker cells are in cases affected by stress, medication, physical activity or external stimuli. These factors can increase or decrease the heart beats by changing the chemical impulses. One of the most well know heart stimuli but often misunderstood is defibrillation. Defibrillation involves administering jolt electricity to the muscles of the heart. This depolarizes heart muscles and enable the heart’s pacemaker to reset and go on beating naturally. The devices that perform the function of defibrillation are known as defibrillators. The devices are made using different designs and have varying capabilities. Movies and TV’s shows are nowadays are misleading by showing AED’s that are outdated. The prophylactic nodes provide the route through which defibrillation is performed. The nodes are typically attached to a patient’s chest, and this helps to monitor the heart rate. Through an electric shock, the nodes can promote a heart rhythm. Unlike what is shown in movies and TV shows, patients of electric shocks do not convulse. A defibrillator functions by creating a small rhythmic contraction of the body muscles. The cardiac rhythm caused by ventricular fibrillation happens when the ventricle quivers Today, many companies are available online that offers AED’s. In deciding on where to begin when in need of AED’s, choosing the right brand can be a problm HeartSine, Cardiacscience, Defib tech, Phillips, Zoll, Welch Alyn, Physio control and CU medical are some of the renown brands in the AED market. Several factors should be considered when deciding to purchase as there is a broad range of companies offering gadgets.
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The availability of information concerning AED’s on several online platforms helps in making a decision relating to the right purchase. On line information contributes to matching the budget with specific requirements of the required resuscitation gadget. Online reviews is one of the important consideration that should be made. An important consideration concerning the AED is the Online review. In checking the reviews, caution be taken so as to avoid overlooking on the reviews done by the manufacturer and not checking on those provided by the end users.
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One of the good examples of user reviews are the comments made by customers of Amazon. Customers in online platforms are not biased and give sincere opinions. It is easy to know the merits and demerits of the gadgets by reviewing customer comments. Manufacturer reviews can be misleading since they provide only the positive side of their defibrillators in order to attract more customers Proper reviews provide both the negative and positive aspect of the particular AED device and also does comparison with other devices.