What Research About Mountains Can Teach You

Mountains That Pose The Most Danger To Climbers

If you are the kind that thrives in extremely dangerous yet exciting activities then mountain climbing is for you. No mountain climbing experience is similar to the other each is very different from the other. A majority of the mountains are famous for their beauty and altitude. Other mountains, however, are infamously known for being so treacherous. Have in mind the steep slopes and extreme weather can claim a life in a matter of seconds if extreme caution is not observed.

Mount Blanc Massif is a perilous mountain because it has frequent rock slides and a very high altitude. It has claimed the most lives at about one hundred deaths per year. The highest death rate ever recorded is that of Mount Blanc Massif.

Annapurna in Nepal is also another dangerous mountain. The mere fact that in Nepal this is the most dangerous mountain given that Nepal has many other dangerous mountains. With a height of over 26,000 feet, Annapurna is quite tall. Several climbers have lost their lives in an attempt to reach the summit. It 41% death rate makes it the second most dangerous in the world.

As part of the Himalayas, the K2 Mountain is a force to reckon with. It is not a surprise to find very few climbers who have made it to the peak seeing that the mountain has steep climbs, unstable ice pillars and steep slopes that make the climb a hazard. Many women have managed to climb Kilimanjaro but not much can be said for K2 where only two women have climbed to the summit in18 years with the last one climbing in 2004. All the other women who made attempts to climb this mountain died.

Nanga Parbat is also one among the most dangerous mountain in the world. It has dangerous features like the steep slopes and ice ridge that serves as an obstacle to climbers. In 1953, after several climbers had attempted, the first person reached the peak. The fifth mountain the list of the most dangerous mountains in the world is Kanchenjunga, located in India’s and Nepal’s border. The fact that it is so beautiful can make many embark on climbing it without knowing what dangers await. It has caused the death of so many people through icy avalanches. As the years go by, it continues to be the reason for the deaths of many climbers.

Be very cautious as you climb any of these mountains so that you do not lose your life or get hurt when you can avoid it by following all the safety precaution and preparing adequately.