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Regenerative Medicine

The branch of medicine that aims at reforming destroyed body organs and tissues is referred to as regenerative medicine. The restoration of the damaged tissues and organs is achieved by the use of human stem cells. This is because human stem cells are known for their ability to duplicate themselves quickly and are thus good for replacing large organs and tissues in a short span of time. Stem cells that are used in regenerative medicine are extracted from the embryo.

In the above process, it is necessary for the embryo to be destroyed for stem cells to be obtained. Because of this fact, it is assumed that regenerative medicine cannot happen without a possible loss of a human life and this has raised many ethical issues of discussion. However, since an embryo is a prospective life that is not fully developed, regenerative medicine can be used to intervene in cases where an existing fully formed life cannot be put at stake. Researches are also ongoing on how to regenerate tissues and body organs in ways that use different approaches other than the one of destroying an embryo.

Regenerative medicine has been adopted for the treatment of human diseases in a number of scenarios. The abnormal multiplication of cells which leads to cancer in the human body can be corrected using reformative medicine. Other diseases that affect the human immune system are also candidates for treatment using this form of medicine. Also, adverse effects associated with aging can and neurological disorders can be checked using this form of medicine. Additionally, broken bones and destroyed parts of the skin can also be restored using this therapy.
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Given its broad application, regenerative medicine come with a number of advantages. First, it is the only form of medicine that is available and can be used to reinstate an individual’s body to what it used to be before a damage of a tissue or organ occurred. Because the bodies are restored to their original form, the patients do not have to live as dependents on their family members and in this way their reduce the burden shouldered by their family members. Becausse of this, such people can continue to raise their families instead of abandoning their responsibilities.
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Also, regenerative medicine can alleviate adverse effects of aging. Because this form of medicine seeks to regenerate body parts, organs that cease to function due to old age can be replaced in this manner. These people will, in the end, live out their lives to the maximum. In this way, such people can live even longer than people who never used regenerative medicine. This way, the longevity of such people is increased.