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What to Know about Conference Call Services A conference call can be defined as a phone call that usually connects three or more people at a go. This service is mainly used by companies to communicate with one or more of their key workers to get information or disseminate information that is needed by more than one person. Conference calling has been found to be an efficient and cost-effective way of communicating with more than one person around the world. Conference calling was originally facilitated via telephone. Recently, the new version of this is the online based conference call that is done via internet telephony. These two means of conference calling can be facilitated by a Conference Call Service Company. Usually in call conferencing some companies have to utilize their conference call service equipment which tends to be quite expensive. Hiring a Conference Call Service Provider whether for telephone or internet based will further reduce the expense of the company using this technology. The Conference Call Service Provider offers the company contracting them with both equipment and tools. In the conventional method of using the telephone as a method of communication, there are two modes to get the conference call service namely the operator-assisted and reservation-less services. The operator assisted service is facilitated through an operator and is used to interconnect several participants to a conference call that is usually reserved a day ahead of the scheduled conference meeting.
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The reservation-less conference call service is in most cases less expensive and as a result more popular than the operator-assisted mode of teleconferencing. The company is offered with a toll-free number which they can dial at any time without making any reservations.
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The newer trend in Conference Call Service is the VoIP based service or Voice-over Internet Protocol based Conference Call Services. Also referred to as web conferencing, VoIP utilizes an internet service provider and has quite a few options as compared to the original call conferencing options offered by the telephone based variety. VoIP is call conferencing is often used when there exist visual aids and projection charts that need to be shared with the parties on the other side. Call Conferencing via VoIP is also useful when video-conferencing is involved. This can be most useful for construction companies that are global. By sending people to the site with a laptop that features a webcam, they can see the progress of the project and broadcast it to others who are involved in this project together with the voice commentaries and observations. The number of Conference Call Service Providers is on the rise though most of them provide similar services with one presenting either an expansion or enhanced version of one or several services offered by the other.